Demo Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to all people using a demo bike provided by Biketreks Ltd. Completion of a booking acknowledges acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the participant:

 • The rider is fully responsible for their actions whilst using the demo bike. Biketreks Ltd do not accept responsibility for the actions of the participant nor the consequences of such actions.

 • Each rider is responsible for providing their own insurance protection while using a demo bike. Any accident or injury caused by the rider’s actions will be the full responsibility of said rider. • Each participant will be fully responsible for any fees or costs incurred or arising from an accident either involving or caused by the rider. • Each rider, upon signing the booking form, agrees that they are physically and mentally capable of riding the demo bike. • The booking form must be completed by a person aged 18 years or over. Evidence of age may be requested. • The rider agrees to wear, as a minimum, a suitably designed cycling specific helmet while using the demo bike. Biketreks Ltd reserve the right to refuse demo bike use to anyone with inappropriate equipment or clothing. • The rider agrees to return the bike to the demo bike staff at the shop. Failure to return the bike will result in Biketreks Ltd recovering the full retail value of the bike from the rider. • The rider is responsible for any negligent damage caused to the bike. The cost of any damage caused (over and above standard wear and tear) will be recovered from the rider. • Photo ID must be provided before the demo bike will be released to the participant. Only nationally recognised forms of ID will be accepted i.e. Photo driving license and Passport • The demo period is from 9:30am to 4:30pm on one day only. No bikes are allowed to be away from Biketreks Ltd overnight. • To use a demo bike from Biketreks Ltd there is a £50 fee and a £500 deposit that will be refunded upon safe return of the bicycle. Should you subsequently buy a bike from us with in 3 months we will also refund your £50. • To use a demo bike through one of our organised demo days there is a £20 demo fee that is donated to Mountain Rescue upon participants turning up for the demo.