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Santa Cruz Launch The Tallboy Mark 3 Version (think mini Hightower!)

Words by andy on 14/05/2016 11:11:00
  Revised for 2017 (yes we are there already!) the Santa Cruz Tallboy mark 3 has had quite the make over.  Learning from the Hightower the Tallboy offers you the same versatility to run 2 wheel sizes should you feel so inclined so you can think of this bike as a mini Hightower so the Hightower and Tallboy.... More

The Wait is Over–Mavic Carbon Clinchers are Here!

Words by bktr on 17/03/2016 13:27:00
Carbon Clinchers are old news. Companies like Zipp and Reynolds have been doing it for years, with the earliest full carbon clincher wheelsets hitting the market almost half a decade ago. With yesterdays release of the Cosmic Pro Carbon, and its Ksyrium counterpart due in June, Mavic appear to have arrived fashionably late to the party..... More

Donald Trump….

Words by bktr on 11/05/2016 09:27:00
In two words sums up all that is oh so wrong with the good old US of A. Let me say from the start of this ‘full on’ attack of Mr. D Trump, we have full and utter respect for all of our ‘across the pond’ neighbours and friends in America. After all we do have a special.... More

Langdale Bike and Beer Festival – Sunday 29th May 2016.

Words by bktr on 07/03/2016 20:44:00
A few weeks ago I got an email from a lovely chap called Dan asking me if I fancied sponsoring a new event in the Langdales involving a few bike rides, a couple of free beers, a hog roast and some music – as you can imagine it wasn’t a hard decision to make!  So people we’d.... More

It’s the little things that make all the difference.

Words by bktr on 11/05/2016 16:43:00
When Sam our Service Centre manager gets an order to build a very special custom build or something that is unique it’s usually from a recommendation by someone who’s already given us the opportunity.  We get this so regularly as Sam has an eye for the details that make all the difference.  Detail and more importantly the attention.... More

It’s all in the stroke you know!

Words by bktr on 11/02/2016 21:38:00
On more than one occasion this week I’ve had in depth conversations with people about cables on their bikes so this weeks workshop blog will allow you all to be in on the secret of effortless shifting the season through.  Since not all of us can afford Di2 on our mountain, road or cross bike, we have.... More