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The Orange Pop and Zest–Next Generation Bikes!

Words by bktr on 23/05/2018 17:13:47
Remember your first bike? I don’t mean your first ‘proper’ bike, I mean the bike you actually learned to ride on. The chances are it was probably pretty crap. Your typical kids bike is heavy, cumbersome and badly made – not the ideal piece of kit for little ones trying to get into the sport. Over the past.... More

Mason Buyers Guide

Words by bktr on 28/03/2018 10:34:00
As Mason's only retailer we are incredibly proud to be able to supply riders worldwide with their stunning bikes.  We have supplied clients and staff alike with over 50 custom built bikes in the 18 months we have worked together, and that range covers everything from off the peg Resolution's as winter "hacks" to gravel grinding Bokeh Ti.... More

Void Cycle Clothing Collection Lands–Part 2

Words by bktr on 27/03/2018 22:03:00
As their website strapline puts it so brilliantly ‘Bring Fashion to Cycling’.  We would go much further than that, in the sense VOID brings fashion, style, function, quality and a certain understated / under the radar stealth element many cycling brands would sell their family for! Since we became a stockist of VOID clothing.... More

Our Nicest Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon To Date?

Words by andy on 20/01/2018 11:31:00
When uploading the images for this Santa Cruz Tallboy build I had to label the folder with the year of bike as this is the 3rd generation of Tallboy this chap has had from us, and as per usual there’s no expense spared on his build. Riding globally, Mark is in love with the Santa Cruz.... More

New Open UP in Green & A No Messing About Spec!

Words by bktr on 20/01/2018 11:32:00
Open announced their 2 new colourways at the back end of 2017 having run the orange and brown for the last couple of years.  This is the new green colourway which looks soooooo much better built as a bike then it does hung as a frame on the wall, and your other option is electric blue (we’ve.... More

Hunt Wheels Arrive–Get Ready For The Chase

Words by bktr on 12/07/2016 12:41:00
Last year when I bought my beloved gravel bike Niall I spent ages looking for some wheels that suited my needs.  They needed to look good, not making a noise (Hope hubs drive me insane!), have the ability to fit an XD driver, be tubeless ready, be proper disc i.e without the stupid braking surface left on the.... More