Orbea Gain Arrives

published by bktr on 02/08/2018 09:57:00


The new Orbea Gain range of road, gravel and hybrid ebikes is probably the most exciting range of ebikes we’ve ever seen here at Biketreks.  A brief carpark test of a prototype model on a rainy September’s day was enough to convince me that they’d hit upon a winning formula and since then we’ve been counting down the days until we could get them in store...  

A trip upto sunny Peebles a couple of weeks ago was the perfect opportunity to put the Gains through their paces over a 20ish mile rolling route.  Interestingly none of us were massively concerned with the performance of the Gains with the assistance turned on, the assumption was that it would work as expected and in a similar fashion to the other ebikes we’re familiar with.  What we were all excited to find out was how the bikes rode with no assistance - could they be the perfect bikes for someone who wants a “normal” bike but with some assistance in reserve if needs be?

It turns out they are!  A combination of low weight (11-14kg depending on model), familiar road geometry and Ultegra groupset meant the model I was riding felt very similar to any number of none assisted bikes I’ve ridden recently.  Rolling along in the pack up and over the kickers around the Peebles area there was no need to put the assistance on and the whole experience was basically just like riding a standard road bike.

Mid-way around the loop we decided we should at least try the assistance so rather than carrying speed up the hills as we had been doing we were slowing right down and then relying on the assistance to get us to the top.  What was apparent here was the smoothness with which the power was delivered, there was no harshness or jerky acceleration, just the introduction of enough power to make getting to the top as easy as you wanted it to be.

Orbea have called this their “Enough Power, Enough Energy” concept - instead of making a bike which will use assistance most of the time they’ve approached it from the other angle and created a system which is designed to be ridden “manually” most of the time but with the assistance in reserve.  Their 250w battery is enough to power the bike for approx 50 miles depending on the terrain, rider weight and which of the three levels of assistance you’re using but in comparison to the vast majority of ebikes out there you could happily take this for a good long ride and never even turn it on.

If it’s practically indistinguishable from a standard road bike when you’re riding it then it’s even more so when you’re looking at it.  The images below were taken during our Peebles trip, one of the bikes is the carbon Gain and one’s the bike upon which the Gain is based - as you can see, there’s not a massive amount of difference between them!  The bike at the front is the Gain by the way. Or is it?

Rather than a handlebar mounted control unit Orbea have gone with a small button on the top tube which is backlit depending on mode and remaining power levels.

For those who like to have all the data (ie me) they have a comprehensive app which features everything you’d want to know, inc remaining battery, amount of assistance being provided (in watts), navigational information, Strava compatibility and more, much much more.  One particularly impressive feature is the ability to link the assistance provided to your heart rate - you can set lower and upper limits to your heart rate and the level of assistance will automatically increase or decrease to keep you within that range. This is a really clever idea which would be great not only for people with certain health conditions but you could also use it for serious training by creating what would essentially be a HR based ERG mode out in the real world - and if you know what that means then you too are some kind of geek!

Prices are extremely competitive with the Gain range starting at £1699 for the entry level urban/hybrid rising to £6799 for the top spec Gain Carbon road version.

Gain Road Carbon £3399 - £6799 and all available with custom colours.

Gain Road Alloy £1799 - £2999

Gain All-Road (gravel) Carbon £3999 (custom colours)

Gain All-Road (gravel) Alloy £2599 - £2999

Gain Urban (hybrid) Alloy £1699 - £2199

To be honest we could bang on about the Gain all day but the best thing to do is to come through and see them before taking them for a spin, stock is just starting to arrive and we’re getting them built up ASAP!