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Open Cycles – U.P (Unbeaten Path) What’s that all about?

Words by andy on 12/06/2016 23:45:00
Meet my next bike Oscar… (he will match my Audi R8 in the same orange and matte black!) who is from our latest brand Open.  I fell in love with Open cycles all the way back in 2012 and more recently when they released the UP (unbeaten path) I knew it was a brand we had to.... More

Storck Cycles roll into town

Words by bktr on 12/06/2016 23:43:00
The year it all started Cast your minds back to 1995, now over 21 years ago! oh how times flies… A few notable events of the year in question; All UK domestic appliances had to be supplied with an appropriately fused plug (how old fashioned does 1995 sound now!). The Queen and and The Duke of Edinburgh.... More

Norwegian Wood….Norrona Arrives!

Words by bktr on 12/06/2016 14:20:00
Norway, Norrona, Norway, Norrona…. the connection is plain to see. And considering this insight into NORRONA, our latest prestige brand to be welcomed into the Biketreks Boutique, the inevitable Google …type in Norway and see what one can click on.  All of us have an image of Norway, snow-capped mountains, fjords,  crystal clear lakes and blue skies to.... More

Langdale Bike and Beer Festival – Sunday 29th May 2016.

Words by bktr on 07/03/2016 20:44:00
A few weeks ago I got an email from a lovely chap called Dan asking me if I fancied sponsoring a new event in the Langdales involving a few bike rides, a couple of free beers, a hog roast and some music – as you can imagine it wasn’t a hard decision to make!  So people we’d.... More

Orange Alpine 160 Factory Build – Black with Orange Hope

Words by bktr on 12/06/2016 23:42:00
Luke is certainly no stranger to all things Orange. He bought his first Orange from us back in 2011 – a stunning black Five Pro – and was instantly hooked. Another couple of Oranges down the line (another Five for the missus and a Crush because why not?!), and a new found love of Enduro racing, and.... More

It’s the little things that make all the difference.

Words by bktr on 25/05/2016 15:35:00
When Sam our Service Centre manager gets an order to build a very special custom build or something that is unique it’s usually from a recommendation by someone who’s already given us the opportunity.  We get this so regularly as Sam has an eye for the details that make all the difference.  Detail and more importantly the attention.... More