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Santa Cruz Launch The Tallboy Mark 3 Version (think mini Hightower!)

Words by andy on 28/04/2016 15:48:00
Revised for 2017 (yes we are there already!) the Santa Cruz Tallboy mark 3 has had quite the make over.  Learning from the Hightower the Tallboy offers you the same versatility to run 2 wheel sizes should you feel so inclined so you can think of this bike as a mini Hightower so the Hightower and Tallboy.... More

The Wait is Over–Mavic Carbon Clinchers are Here!

Words by bktr on 17/03/2016 13:27:00
Carbon Clinchers are old news. Companies like Zipp and Reynolds have been doing it for years, with the earliest full carbon clincher wheelsets hitting the market almost half a decade ago. With yesterdays release of the Cosmic Pro Carbon, and its Ksyrium counterpart due in June, Mavic appear to have arrived fashionably late to the party..... More

RH+ Helmets Arrive and Clothing to Follow

Words by bktr on 09/04/2016 11:22:00
“Give Blood” is a mantra of mine has been for decades and hopefully will continue for as long as I can give that pint when required. 6 minutes and counting! So it was with some surprise when here at Biketreks Towers we were presented with rh+ , which rang bells as a blood donating symbol. Turns out.... More

Route #012. Nan Bield - Short

Words by andy on 11/02/2016 21:34:00
Pretty much the shortest way of getting the Nan Bield experience it's still a long day out despite the relatively low mileage to be covered and it's still very exposed with some terrain that can easily have you off.  So still very much a black route basically. Grade: Black Distance: 15.9km Total Ascent: 952m.... More

Gavin’s Beautiful Nomad – A Few UK Firsts!

Words by bktr on 11/04/2016 16:04:00
Another bike that was ordered the day after our last Hope / Santa Cruz demo day, this wonderful Nomad is one of my favourite bikes we’ve ever done and if it ever goes missing Gav should check my house for sure as it’ll probably be there! The second bike out of the mark.... More

Hope PMBA Enduro and Scottish Enduro Results

Words by andy on 28/04/2016 15:47:00
  Having spoken to the lads this morning about this weekends Enduro the word “brutal” was mentioned quite a lot and this lot are a hardy bunch!  With thrills and spills galore this round of the Hope PMBA in our local forest Grizedale was a test of endurance as well as skill. On what can.... More