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Order A Full Suspension Bike During October And Get A Free Wheel Upgrade

Words by andy on 02/10/2016 17:04:00
Throughout the month of October if you place an order for a new shiny bike with us we will give you the option of upgrading your wheels to a set of Hope Pro 4 Hubs on Tech Enduro Rims OR a set of Mavic Crossmax Elite wheels. Worth up to £490 the Mavic and Hope wheels.... More

2017 Specialized Roubaix Lands Under The Cover Of Darkness…

Words by bktr on 18/09/2016 16:47:00
The Specialized Roubaix was originally launched in 2004 and at the time it changed the face of road bikes.  Built for endurance, sportives and comfort, it was the beginning in a long line of similar bikes designed for long days in supreme comfort but no compromise on speed. Specialized decided that the Roubaix required a much needed.... More

The Importance of Good Layering

Words by bktr on 06/10/2016 10:37:00
  There I was minding my own business in the shop this morning when Sa said to me “Layering”, “Eh”? said I. Thinking why has my manager brought up the subject of plastering. Yeah “layering, you know, layering of clothing, it’s the time of year when we should talk about layering to our customers”  (Why.... More

How to Cheat at Mountain Biking

Words by bktr on 10/10/2016 17:28:00
There’s a conversation we hear at least once a day at Biketreks. It pops up when there’s a group of guys in the shop, usually in the ‘twilight years’ of their mountain biking careers – all knackered knees, bad backs and perhaps one too many pies – and one of them notices our Turbo Levo E-Bike. “’Ere,.... More

Niner Bikes Finally Land With Us – Who and Why?!

Words by andy on 10/10/2016 17:10:00
I’ll let you into a little secret providing you don’t tell anyone – at present there are more Niner bikes in our household than Santa Cruz’s and that’s quite a statement coming from me!!  What is no secret is that me and John have flown the 29er flag for years and got onto the “band wagon” over.... More

Hunt Wheels Arrive–Get Ready For The Chase

Words by bktr on 12/07/2016 12:41:00
Last year when I bought my beloved gravel bike Niall I spent ages looking for some wheels that suited my needs.  They needed to look good, not making a noise (Hope hubs drive me insane!), have the ability to fit an XD driver, be tubeless ready, be proper disc i.e without the stupid braking surface left on the.... More