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Orange Bikes 2016 - The Embargo is Lifted!

Words by andy on 16/07/2015 22:29:00
Despite much questioning about the 2016 Orange range we’ve had to keep shtum otherwise Orange would never tell us any secrets again... However, the embargo is officially lifted so now we can spill the beans on what’s new, what’s the same and what’s gone. So what’s changed? Generally the bikes are more trail ready.... More

Specialized Summer Bike Sale

Words by andy on 01/08/2015 10:29:00
It’s that time of year people when we need to make room for the shiny 2016 bikes that are arriving on  daily basis, which can only mean one thing – it’s sale time for the 2015 Specialized bikes!  Not all of them we might add but if you’re after an entry level road bike or a Gucci road bike with.... More

Let’s get to the ‘Gore’ of the issue…

Words by bktr on 16/06/2015 22:46:00
  It’s summer and it’s getting hotter.  The mercury is rising and the days are long and sultry.  It’s time to get out on the “Tarmac” and head for the open roads, kilometre after kilometre.  You’re going to work hard and sweat like a demon in the fires of hell. Hot and sweaty. Phew! The temperature is rising..... More

Route Guide 007: Troutbeck and Jenkin’s Crag - Easy 12m

Words by citrusdan on 16/07/2015 13:31:00
Download a GPX file for this route Download a PDF of the Route Map How to upload GPX files This is one of those classic Lakeland routes that everyone who owns a mountain or cross bike should ride at least once in their “careers”.  I’m lucky enough to use it as a daily commute on.... More

Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon CC–Shimano XTR and Ritchey

Words by bktr on 26/06/2015 16:19:00
After demoing a Tallboy and 5010 on our June demo Tomas fell in love with the Santa Cruz Tallboy as it ticked all his boxes for his marathon racing – 24 hour stylee! Opting for a new “fat” standard in wheels we fitted the Ritchey Trail WCS 30mm 29er wheels, the 2016 Fox Float fork, Shimano XTR.... More

Orange Mountain Bike Demo Day–25th July First in the UK to have 2016 Bikes!

Words by bktr on 05/07/2015 16:44:00
Yes there you have it people, after going to ride and preview the 2016 Orange bikes with Orange last week we have managed to secure the first public demo on them after they are launched on the 20th July. So if you’re after trying an Alpine or a Five then just click the button below, fill in.... More