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The Santa Cruz Hightower is finally made public – versatility reaches a new high!

Words by bktr on 02/02/2016 23:09:00
  …And here I was thinking that Hightower was a character from Police Academy that my little sister used to be obsessed with when we were much younger, in fact given episode 8 I bet she could still recite the script, anyways I digress…  Yes finally folks we’ve been made to “shut the heck up” about this bike.... More

Orange Four – Less is More

Words by bktr on 10/02/2016 12:55:00
You might be forgiven for thinking that the all new Orange Four, with it’s shorter 120mm travel and lightweight build, looks like a pretty mean XC bike. Forgiven by us, that is; the good folk at Orange HQ might not be so kind. The Orange Four, unveiled at the 2016 Bike Place trade show, has all the.... More

Time to be a ‘Janus’…

Words by bktr on 11/01/2016 12:13:00
Turning point, a new beginning and yet time to reflect. That is indeed January. So much to look forward to yet tempered by the past.  One cannot help but think of Spring!  Yet as I have said time and time again [courtesy of my dear old Mum] “As the days grow longer the cold grows stronger” and.... More

Route #012. Nan Bield - Short

Words by andy on 11/02/2016 21:34:00
Pretty much the shortest way of getting the Nan Bield experience it's still a long day out despite the relatively low mileage to be covered and it's still very exposed with some terrain that can easily have you off.  So still very much a black route basically. Grade: Black Distance: 15.9km Total Ascent: 952m.... More

Orange Five Hope Orange Edition – Don’t Worry We Checked He’s Fast Enough For It!

Words by bktr on 11/02/2016 21:32:00
So Chris had a dream…that dream involved a lot of Hope kit and a lot of orange and something unique…I think it’s safe to say John has delivered on this one!  Here we have an Orange Five RS with all the upgrades and some custom decals to finish it all off. Spec is: .... More

It’s all in the stroke you know!

Words by bktr on 11/02/2016 21:38:00
On more than one occasion this week I’ve had in depth conversations with people about cables on their bikes so this weeks workshop blog will allow you all to be in on the secret of effortless shifting the season through.  Since not all of us can afford Di2 on our mountain, road or cross bike, we have.... More