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The Santa Cruz Hightower is finally made public – versatility reaches a new high!

Words by bktr on 02/02/2016 23:09:00
  …And here I was thinking that Hightower was a character from Police Academy that my little sister used to be obsessed with when we were much younger, in fact given episode 8 I bet she could still recite the script, anyways I digress…  Yes finally folks we’ve been made to “shut the heck up” about this bike.... More

Specialized Crux Takes Cyclocross Bike of the Year!

Words by bktr on 07/01/2016 11:07:00
  Road cc have just awarded the Specialized Crux with this amazing award. They have reviewed dozens of bikes so for them to think that the Crux is the best just goes to show that we haven’t been lying, it really is the best!! “The Crux simply provided the best performance of all.... More

Adidas Vario Lenses Finally Arrive From The Eyewear Specialists

Words by bktr on 07/02/2016 21:13:00
  As with spring itself everything changes and rather rapidly. Be it the weather, one minute spring showers [read downpour] the next brilliant crystal bright sunshine, beautiful and welcome yet can be eyeball piercingly intense.  So with the rights of spring the need for high quality Performance Eye Wear you can trust becomes of paramount importance.  As with.... More

Route #011 MTB – Dubbs Reservoir - Blue

Words by andy on 14/01/2016 13:53:00
A really good little route which can be reversed to mix things up a bit and which is an ideal introduction to Lakes riding.  The start/finish parking spot can get a bit busy on weekends so get there earlyish.  A mix of fast, swoopy but not too technical descents and some steady but noticeable climbs this loop is a favourite.... More

Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon CC – XX1, Chris King and ENVE Stunner!

Words by bktr on 10/01/2016 15:04:00
So my new bike has arrived…. I wish (in case anyone’s reading this and thinks I deserve something nice for all my hard work!)  Anyways, here we have a beautiful Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon CC XX1 with plenty of upgrades. 27lbs in an XL on the scales it must be one of the lightest we’ve built.... More

It’s all in the stroke you know!

Words by bktr on 07/02/2016 23:02:00
On more than one occasion this week I’ve had in depth conversations with people about cables on their bikes so this weeks workshop blog will allow you all to be in on the secret of effortless shifting the season through.  Since not all of us can afford Di2 on our mountain, road or cross bike, we have.... More