Specialized Turbo Tero 4.0 - Black / Black - Ultimate Sale


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The new Specialized Turbo Tero is the electric mountain bike that's equipped for everyday. A mountainbike that you can commute on. A commuter you can take touring. A touring bike that you can haul freight with. Whatever you need it to be, for wherever you want to go. A true do it all superhero, the Tero combines adaptable utility with World Champion mountain bike DNA and category-leading electric pedal assist.

With a Turbo Full Power 2.0E Motor and 710Wh Battery Integrated into the aluminum frame of the Tero 4.0, it effectively quadruple's your own power, cranking out ample wattage to make short work of the steepest climbs and providing enough extra muscle to let you carry a mountain of adventure gear, groceries, kids and daydreams without breaking a sweat. But what really sets this motor apart from the rest is how efficiently and seamlessly it melds with your own efforts.

With Mission Control, it allows you to tailor the Tero's power output levels to your desired preference. All three standard power modes can be almost infinitely adjusted your power range and needs.

MasterMinds MicroTune function can adjust power output levels in 10% increments so you can tune the range to suit your needs and distances.

Mountain bike DNA, the Tero's componentary is tailored to enhance control and confidence. Aggressive but smooth rolling 29" wheels with 2.3" Ground Control tires offer ample traction in every situation. SRAM disc brakes deliver substantial braking bike while 110mm of front suspension travel smooth out the bumps on the trail.

With Turbo System Lock, found within the Mission Control App, enabling you to disable the bike's motor and activate the motion sensor alarm. Once locked, the motor cannot be enabled again, except by the owner.

The Turbo Tero comes with fender, rack mounts. Its also Rated to pull a thru-axle trailer and child seat compatible!

Please note we cannot ship electric bikes, they are to be collected from our stores.  We are happy to box them if you want to arrange your own courier but we cannot provide shipping ourselves.

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