Orbea Vibe Mid H10 - Blue - 2021 - SALE


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Vibe is an electric urban bike that maximizes style and efficiency at an incredibly low
weight. Vibe is designed for cyclists seeking simplicity and freedom thanks to a
revolutionary new platform.


Vibe controls and interfaces are integrated or hidden without losing sight of easy usability and access for maintenance. From the system cables to electronic controls, all cables are routed so they’re almost invisible. The grips are simple and functional; the iWOC TRIO controller is in an easy-to-reach location; and the sleek Knog Oi bell is easily accessible. Even the headlight is in an optimal location for safety and visibility.


While integration and aesthetics are a design choice, our commitment to function and safety are non-negotiable, especially with Vibe sharing the streets with vehicles. Integrated Lezyne front and rear daytime running lights power on automatically. The front light is integrated into the stem itself, and the rear light is nestled in the fender or the seatpost, depending on the Vibe model.

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