Orbea MX 20 Team - Lime / Watermelon - 2021


Price £415.00

We know the feeling… we all want our kids to fall in love with the freedom and joy of cycling. We want to ride with a smiling face next to us rather than watch our mini-friends struggle with an oversized, heavy, low-quality toy. With Orbea’s MX Kids lineup, finding a real machine like yours that is scaled down for small riders becomes a reality.

The Orbea MX 20 XC Kids bikes are among the lightest on the market and make use of smaller brake levers, saddles and pedals because comfort, control and fun aren’t only for adults. Multiple wheel sizes, many configurations and, most importantly, a few color options make MX Kids the best catalyst for a growing passion. Nurturing a love of riding requires an investment and your child understands the significance of riding a bike just like yours. And with frames designed to last a lifetime,

The Orbea MX 20 XC Features

  • Full Alloy Components, adapted for children that are lightweight and durable.
  • Shorter Chainstays, Sloping TopTube, Easy Handling And A 1X Single Chainring
  • Cross Country Inspired Suspension Travel by SR SunTour Soak Up The Bumps
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