Orbea MX12 Balance Bike - Blue / Orange - 2021


Price £179.00

We want our kids to fall in love with the freedom and joy of cycling. We want to see smiling faces rather than watch our mini-friends struggle with heavy, low-quality toys. With Orbea’s MX Junior lineup, finding a real machine like yours that is scaled down for small riders becomes a reality.

These bikes are noticably lightweight and make use of smaller brake levers, saddles and pedals because comfort, control and fun aren’t only for adults. Multiple wheel sizes, configurations and, most importantly, several color options will fuel a growing passion. MX Junior bikes are designed to last a lifetime, so your Orbea will be ready for more children whenever you are. But don’t rush, enjoy riding together as long as you can before the moment slips away.

Key Features:
  • Magnesium Frame + Fork (3.5kg)
  • Simglespeed
  • Smooth/Safe Bolts
  • Foam Grips with Durable Closed Ends
  • Always Aligned Seatpost Design
  • Long Seat Clamp with Soft Lever
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