MY21 Orbea Vibe H30 EQ - Black


Price £2,499.00

Continuing the legacy of the Gain F30, this new flat bar road bike from Orbea is a brand new concept designed as a sophisticated accessory to complement your own sense of style without overshadowing. 

A super nimble, stylish and reliable personal transport tool that can be easily manoeuvred in tight spaces, the new Vibe H30 is a lightweight city eBike designed for riders looking for style, range and freedom in a revolutionary, fully integrated and low-fuss platform. 

With 40Nm of torque, plenty enough battery capacity for your daily city commute and some added exploring, the Vibe H30 is a new way to ride - minimalist, sleek and integrated without the bulky traditional eBike components to detract from your experience while bringing you closer to a "sensation that is less 'e' and more 'bike'".

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