Burgtec Rear Axle - Santa Cruz 173.7mm - Black Sapphire


Price £37.00

Clean and Simple is always best. Leverless design for added security and clearance for when situations get tight. These super tough axles tighten up with a 6mm Allen key. They feature “a get out of jail’ 6mm Allen key on the drive side of the axle if you manage to round the non-drive side.

Constructed from 7075 Aluminium and made to the manufacturer’s exact specifications.


  • 5010 V4, 5010 V5*
  • Nomad V5, Nomad V6*
  • Bullit V3 MX (E-bike)
  • Bronson V4
  • Hightower V2 (MY22+ only), Hightower V3*
  • Tallboy V4 (MY22+ only), Tallboy V5*
  • Chameleon V8
  • Megatower V2*
  • Heckler V9*
  • Heckler SL V1*
  • And Juliana Equivalents

*Note: The UDH bolt is only compatible with Sram UDH Hanger, not the native SCB Alloy Hanger. The axle itself will still work with the SCB hanger.

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