2019 Void Capsule Jersey Black Diagonal


Price £52.50 Regular price £105.00

The Capsule Jersey, like our Print Jersey, is your go-to item to show you off as a fashion-conscious rider! Where the Print Jersey is where you will find staple styles from VOID, the Capsule Jersey is where you will find our other styles inspired by the Swedish fashion scene, to bring another type of fashion to cycling.

This year’s model is our best fitting jersey yet! We have looked at every panel and seam to make a jersey that is tailored to riding. The sizing is the same as the previous iterations of the jersey, but the difference on the bike is noticeable from the first ride. You will feel even more comfortable, especially when riding hard.

Race Fit — Tailored for a tight fit and an aerodynamic riding position. Size up for a more relaxed fit.

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