2020 Santa Cruz Megatower CC Frame Only Air Shock FS Green

Santa Cruz

Price £3,299.00

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The ultimate power-wheeling, bump-chewing sidekick

The Megatower is the combination of big wheels to our most efficient suspension setup. It is a brawler of modern times, as well adapted to the pilots avid of competition than those eager to conquer the best surrounding paths.

Drawing its roots from the Hightower and now adopting the VPP suspension "lower-link" from the V10, the Megatower is the ultimate enduro bike in our 29-inch range. He is powerful, resistant to all hardships and inspires unwavering confidence.

The damper configuration mounted on the lower link allows compatibility with air or spring shock. It provides a progressive damping curve that provides unparalleled grip and impact resistance, allowing it to tackle the longest descents and the toughest shocks without flinching.

In order to allow the Megatower to get the best around the world, it has a large capacity of adjustments thought to the design. 
A flip-chip well placed and concealed on the lower link adjusts the height of the pedal and changes the progressiveness of the rear suspension. One second, on the swingarm, allows adjustment of the base length of 10 mm in order to adapt the distribution of the weight of the pilot, either for stability or by piloting preference. Flip-chips are reliable and robust mechanical means to allow pilots to adapt their piloting and their needs without compromising reliability and durability. No tips and tricks here, just simple and effective mechanical means.

The Megatower, however, does not only seek in the extremes, it also offers a holy and informed behavior. An optimal seat tube angle of 76 degrees to hoist up the descent, a larger cockpit and a steering angle of 65 degrees will provide control and feel ideal. It is possible to mount a canister door without problems, even with a cylinder damper. The frame is perfectly protected with a fender for the shock, a protection for transport in pick-up and a grooved base protection that will make you almost forget that you ride with a chain.

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