Wisper Electric Mountain Bikes Are On Order…!

published by bktr on 16/11/2017 19:32:00


Since last year sales of ebikes at Ings have rocketed and one of the brands doing particularly well is Wisper, the UK based brand who have been designing and selling ebikes for over 10 years.  Using proven electrical systems mated to simple, robust and reliable frames, Shimano gears and Tektro brakes Wisper compete with manufacturers such as Freego and G-Tech on price but blow them out of the water when it comes to spec and quality.

STEPS controller

A while back we were talking to the company owner about their forthcoming range of electric mountain bikes and our initial assumption was that they were going to work on improving upon the wide range of entry level electric mountain bikes starting to appear and offering better value for money…


Well, it turned out we were half right, they’re certainly offering great bikes with great value for money, but it’s not the entry level manufacturers who should be worried, it’s the big players in the industry!  Once we were shown the specs and designs for the new bikes it was obvious that Wisper have concentrated on providing truly well specced bikes that will compete with options from some of the major manufacturers.

STEPS display.jpg

They’re starting with a hardtail called the Wolf and a Horst Link full susser called the Wildcat, both available in either alloy or carbon.  All in Boost, all with Shimano STEPS, all with XT based drivetrains, all with 27.5+ or 29er compatibility, all with dropper posts, a choice of battery sizes etc etc etc!  So all this sounded pretty exciting but we didn’t want to commit until we could see them in the flesh.

Wisper Spec.jpg

Fast forward 6 months and Wisper landed at Ings with a van full of electric mtbs for us to play with.  So we did. And then we ordered a load of the carbon versions!  The Shimano STEPS system means the back end is short like a non-electric mountain bike so it’s playful yet stable which is something other motor systems cannot achieve in their ride quality.  If there’s one thing ebikes do well it’s provide stability but providing a feeling of playfulness is more difficult when the bikes weigh the wrong side of 20KG.  Even from the short time we had with the bikes though it was obvious that Wisper had got their design bang on.

We have got 6 bikes across the models and sizes on order and they are due to land in January.  We will promptly get them built and they will all be available for you to try before you buy i.e. you can take them out on a off road demo ride from the shop so you can not only take our word for how good they are, but you can see for yourself!

In the meantime if you have any questions about the Wisper range or other E MTB bikes that we stock just give John at our Ings store a ring as he’s the man when it comes to this!