Wisper E Bikes Give An Entry Price Point In Our New E Bike Store!

published by bktr on 12/07/2017 19:03:00

Biketreks 3.JPG

With Biketreks 3 under construction just behind Biketreks 2 we were wondering what we were actually going to put it in.  Obviously we’ve got mountain bikes in Biketreks 1 and road, gravel and hybrid in Biketreks 2 so what could we do with the latest (but knowing Simon, definitely not the last!) addition to the burgeoning Biketreks empire?

Well one of the surprising hits of this year has been e-bikes, they seem to have reached a critical mass whereby most people have now seen one, tried one or spoken to somebody who owns one, and a lot of these people now want to buy one!  So we’ve decided to make Biketreks 3 our specialist e-bike store.

So with our existing e-commuter/hybrid brands we’ve got the high end covered with Specialized’s Vado and Scott’s E-Silence ranges and we’ve covered the mid-point with Scott’s E-Sub range and Bergamont.  All of these bikes are great for going on “proper Lake District” rides with excellent range and performance.  What we haven’t had is a good quality, entry level brand for people who are either dipping their toe back into the world of cycling or who want something a bit simpler for shorter distance rides, local commutes and similar.

Which brings us neatly on to Wisper…


Wisper are a British company based down in that Kent who have been at the forefront of the e-bike scene for the last 12 years.  What we like about them is they have a very simple range of cost-effective bikes.  They essentially do two specs, SE and Torque which retail at £1099 and £1599 respectively and three frame versions in each spec - traditional “gents” style, step-through and folding all of which are the same price.


Sizes are simple - one size fits most, with all models coming with quite a bit of adjustability for fine-tuning and you can have any colour you like so long as it’s black… red or blue.


It was a tricky decision choosing whether or not to go for something in this £1100 price range for the e-bikes.  Some we’ve looked at didn’t quite make the grade and for a while it looked like the overall quality was too heavily compromised to keep the price down however Wisper’s decision to keep things simple means they’ve managed to fit in Tektro disc brakes, Shimano gears, Kenda puncture resistant tires, racks, lights, kickstands etc etc.  Additionally the build quality of the frame belies the price and they back this up with a 10 year, transferable warranty.  A 10 year warranty is much longer than the average in the bike business already but transferable warranties are very rare so Wisper are obviously feeling pretty confident...


Since taking Wisper into stock they’ve been very well received and one thing which has been popular has been the “throttle” controller.  The left grip has a throttle system which takes the bike to approx 4mph.  If you pedal at all, even just lightly, whilst the throttle is open then regardless of what mode the bike is in then it will max out the electrical assist to 15.5mph - ideal for steep hill starts!


So that’s Wisper then, the newest brand in the Biketreks stable.  Give us a shout if you’ve got any questions we’ve not covered or just call in, see them for yourself and maybe take one for a quick spin!