Void Cycle Clothing Collection Lands–Part 2

published by bktr on 27/03/2018 22:03:00


As their website strapline puts it so brilliantly ‘Bring Fashion to Cycling’.  We would go much further than that, in the sense VOID brings fashion, style, function, quality and a certain understated / under the radar stealth element many cycling brands would sell their family for!

Since we became a stockist of VOID clothing I have coined the phrase “Sweden’s answer to the ‘R’ brand” and we all know which one we are referring to.  Reassuringly solid yet with regard to the person that will be wearing the kit, your expectations will be met and surpassed. Call it the Swedish secret….

VOID is a cool brand in every respect.  From the VOID typeface to the mesh bag that accompanies every jersey, base-layer and bib there really is a pride that shines through.  Jerseys come in three ‘pattern cuts’. Pure and Print for the ‘racers’ amongst you; Capsule, a little less so.


Here’s a thing to ponder: VOID is addictive! Buy one Jersey and we will be saying ‘Hello’ to you again to help you decide on the next design and colour-way of your ever-increasing VOID collection. It is after all a ‘Lifestyle Choice’!

I know we have said it before but like your favourite brand of T shirt, there is a touchy, feely element to VOID that is just so difficult to put into words. Its like a sixth sense in clothing, you just know that VOID jerseys are so right.  There is a weight to the fabric, an indefinable quality that will get better with every wear and indeed ride. The zip is like the closure of a Volvo door, reassuringly reliable and the perfect fit. Pockets ‘fall’ to your hands.

Like all good things it can be the accessories, the finishing touches that lift the spirits. Socks, bottles, screens, all worthy of a place in your heart and favourite clothing drawer at home. Lets say it is a ‘way of being’…..


Sadly we don't get to visit Gothenburg to select what we bring to you in our Ings Boutique, but we would go so far as to say try putting on a jersey without smiling. Go on, we bet you can’t!

So what are you waiting for?  Step into your XC60 and head for Ings. Your VOID adventure awaits you….. Fashion in Cycling…