Vielo V Plus Road / Gravel Bikes Land at our Ings Store

published by bktr on 17/02/2018 11:27:00


When it comes to gravel bikes here at Biketreks we’re proud to the UK’s premier stockist of Open Cycles and sole stockist of Mason’s Bokeh, we’re even prouder now we can add newcomer Vielo to the list of gravel/adventure bikes we stock - launched just last month (Jan) Vielo is the brainchild of UK bike industry stalwart and all-round nice guy Ian Hughes who has established a new UK firm aiming to produce high-end lightweight performance bikes designed from the outset with the UK in mind. 

Their first bike is the V+1, a lightweight gravel and “road plus” bike built to be fast but comfortable and with the ability to swap between 700c road wheels and 650b mtb wheels depending on what sort of riding you’ve got in mind.  For a bike with such a strong focus on performance there are a lot of very useful design features which have clearly been put in place by someone with plenty of experience of UK riding.  (Well, they were put in place by Ian so yeah, he does!)

Although most roadies have been shifting towards slightly wider tires for a while Vielo actively extol the virtues of going a lot wider with your slick tires for extra comfort on typical UK roads.  Whilst you can certainly run the bike with a 28mm road tire Vielo’s stock builds come with the Schwalbe G-One Speed in a whopping 38mm size for a massive increase in confidence and comfort for a marginal weight gain.  Whilst some might worry about the extra width producing more drag most tire manufacturers now say that wider tires can roll as fast, if not faster, than their narrower counterparts.

For further comfort the frame has what Vielo describe as “passive suspension”, seatstays with a lot of vertical flex in them to soak up smaller bumps in the road and take the edge off the bigger hits.

Suitable for use with 1x drivetrains only the V+1 also has the option of fitting a dropper post for those occasions when your gravel ride accidentally turns into something more like a mtb ride.  Rather than spec a standard lever for operating the dropper Vielo use the front shifter lever instead, a simple but effective system which helps prevent the bar from becoming cluttered.

Full mudguard and rack mounting points are almost unnoticeable unless you’re actively looking for them and the internal cable and hose routing is designed around the UK method of right lever being the front brake.  With most frames using the European/US style left/front set-up their cables never run quite as neatly once set-up for the UK but the Vielo looks really clean once cabled up. 

To prevent the disc rotors scratching the paintwork when you’re taking the wheels in and out there are protective metal plates right where you’d want them, similarly there’s one near the bottom bracket on the off chance you drop your chain.

Available in two colour schemes, pale blue with orange highlights and a lightly shimmering navy with pale blue highlights and set-off by some discreet brand logos the V+1 is a very sophisticated looking machine.

Initial reviews are really positive with one of the UK’s best known bike reviewers, Guy Kesteven, having nothing but praise for the pre-production V+1 in his video review here: Keep in mind the production version is lighter still so the feeling of speed and responsiveness he loves should be increased even further!

So if you fancy something which combines the best of both the U.P and the Bokeh then call into our Ings store for a closer look.  We currently have a pale blue 54cm for demo and stroking purposes and we’ll soon have a 56cm demo bike (my size, get in!) as well as stocking a wider range of sizes once the first production batch lands in the UK.  We’ll also have access to a full demo fleet for those looking to demo a size we don’t hold permanently.