The Scott E Silence–Does It Look Like A Duck?

published by bktr on 08/05/2017 17:21:00


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and sounds like a duck then the old saying would have you believe that it is, in fact, a duck.  But if it doesn’t look like a duck or sound like a duck is it still a duck?  Don’t worry, this isn’t just some random philosophical musing but a cunning and almost relevant introduction to the new Scott e-Silence range!

The e-Silences don’t look like your normal e-bikes, they don’t sound like normal e-bikes (there’s a clue in the name) but they certainly ride like an e-bike, in fact they ride like very nippy, sporty feeling e-bikes.  Designed to be a lot sportier in both look and feel than many of the current hybrid style e-bikes the new e-Silences have a 508w battery integrated into the bike’s downtube in a way which forces you to look twice to establish whether it’s an e-bike or not.  

speed 20.jpg

This “second look” effect continues with the surprisingly inconspicuous motor provided by Brose, one of those massive companies nobody has ever heard of.  When I say massive I mean massive - they provide at least one electric motor for 50% of all new cars produced in the world.  That’s a huge amount of experience!  They’ve been developing e-bike motors since 2010 using a motor used in millions of car steering systems as the starting point.


Not only do Brose have a fantastic reputation for reliability based on the automotive experience they’ve also gone out of their way to ensure their motor units are amongst the most responsive and “torquey” units available anywhere.  The ebike website ebiketips has a good round up of the main e-bike players here: As you can see, if you want sporty then Brose is where it’s at.  We also agree with the comments about the volume of noise coming from the Brose - the Bosch is a quiet system but the Brose is virtually silent.

Used on the E MTB bikes we have in Ambleside the Brose system peaks and troughs less than a Bosch system so it delivers the power consistently rather than suddenly kicking in which is much more favourable off road.

e-Silence 20.jpg

Spec-wise we’re concentrating on two models, the e-Silence Speed 20 (top) and the e-Silence 20 (above).  Both share the same frame, battery and motor and come equipped with lights and mudguards however the Speed is the stripped back sporty rigid version whilst the kitted out 20 has racks and Rock Shox suspension forks.  Priced at £2999 or £3099 respectively these are marginally more expensive than the Bosch e-bikes equipped with a similarly sized battery however if you want something as sleek and sporty as possible in both look and feel then they’re worth every penny.

e-silence-display-jpg-190600_original_1.jpg E-Silence-Rearlight_175910_jpg_original_zoom_1.jpg

We’ve had a couple of e-Silences in but they both went out to customers before we could write anything for the blog.  We’ve now just received a second delivery and Martin and Ben are working flat out to get them built.  There’s already a bit of a waiting list forming for these bikes so if you’d like to see one in the flesh or even take one for a spin then call into Ings and see why we’re going quackers for them!  (Sorry, shouldn’t have stooped that low, I’ll stop now.)