S-Works Enduro 29 with Custom Spec

published by bktr on 20/11/2017 10:24:00

Jez's Enduro pictured with Roxy the dog    

Getting the right bike for Lake District riding is never easy. A Lake District proof bike needs to be big and burly enough to tackle some of the country’s roughest trails, without becoming your worst enemy while you’re carting it up Keppel Cove. It needs components that provide consistent, reliable performance in conditions barely fit for a herdwick sheep. Most of all it needs to be versatile enough to deal with the huge variety of trails we are lucky enough to enjoy. These criteria on their own make choosing the right bike difficult, but throw a handful of race weekends into the mix and you’ve got a real challenge. It’s a good thing we like a challenge!

The HT T1 Pedals match the SWorks decals perfectly. We totally did that on purpose...

Jez’s criteria was all of the above and more. Having given our 2017 Specialized Enduro demo bike a good thrashing over the summer, it was pretty clear that Specialized’s big travel, do-it-all bike would be the way to go. With Specialized announcing a few tweaks to the frame geometry for 2018 it was as though they had answered all of Jez’s minor criticisms directly – the 2018 bike is longer, slacker and lower than the previous model – perfect for the steep rocky descents of the north Lakes. 

Two tone blue and purple, or blurple, in full effect

The bike has been built using most of the S-Works spec – essentially a wish list of everything you could ask for on a mountain bike. We swapped the build kit from a black S-Works build onto the stunning two-tone blue and purple frame, and made a few adjustments. The stand out feature on the S-Works build is the super reliable Ohlins suspension. An STX single tube shock provides unparalleled damping for the rear end, while the new Twin-Tube RXF 36 fork provides 160mm of travel up front. The 29 inch Roval Traverse SL Carbon wheels rank alongside Santa Cruz’s Reserve wheels as some of the best on the market. Transmission is covered by a SRAM XX1 Eagle groupset – like there was any other option!

We can forgive Jez not putting his cranks at 6 and 3 when the bike looks this good

This wouldn’t be a Biketreks build without a few diversions from the out-of-the-box spec. As is the case for anyone who has ever ridden with Hope brakes, the SRAM Code RSC’s specced on the S-Works model have been replaced with a set of Tech 3 E4s. Choosing an anodised finish to match your two-tone bike is pretty much the epitome of first world problems, but after a long and drawn out decision making process we eventually settled on purple, then blue, then finally on purple again. The result looks great, with the purple brakes perfectly complimenting the frame colour at least half the time. Other diversions from the S-Works spec include Ergon GE1 grips, Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR tyres and HT’s fantastic T1 clipless pedals.

I don't think it's possible to make a set of Ohlins forks look bad.

Jez’s Enudro was a real pleasure to put together and build. As with all of our custom builds, the vast majority of kudos goes to Sam in the workshop for his unrivalled commitment to detail, quality and workmanship. If you would like any details on how our custom build process works, or would like to take the plunge into the world of custom bikes then feel free to get in touch, be warned though – once you’ve gone full custom there is no turning back!


Thanks to Jez for the Photos, and to Roxy the dog for looking adorable in the top photo.