How to Upload GPX files to Garmin 800/810/1000/Touring

published by andy on 01/05/2015 08:44:00


Keep in mind that routes uploaded this way are limited to 15 character names.

Anyone can manually load a route or ride on their Edge 800/810/1000/Touring and get navigation. Here’s how:

  • First download the GPX file to your PC, save it to the desktop or note the location you save to
  • Connect your Garmin to your PC, it should be recognised as an additional drive
  • Click on the Garmin drive to open the folder, you should see a tree with a folder named ‘New files’
  • Drag your saved GPX file into the ‘New Files’ folder, your PC will transfer the file to your Garmin
  • Disconnect your Garmin from your PC

To follow the route, select the ‘Courses’ icon on your Garmin, and choose the relevant file from the drop down list.

After you have selected the course, your Garmin will calculate the route, this can take a minute or two.

To follow uploaded routes, it is best to set up your Garmin as follows:-

  1. Routing => Bicycle
  2. Guidance Method => Off Road (some people swear by On Road/Distance)
  3. Lock on Road => No
  4. Recalculate => Off or Prompted (important, or it will shortcut you back home!!! I use prompted, but almost always say no)

I have recalculate turned off permanently as even riding on the wrong side of a road will trigger it, and this takes time to calculate and uses up the battery.