Gifts for Cyclists – a few Ideas!

published by bktr on 07/12/2017 16:26:31

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Ran out of ideas for your Christmas list? Not sure what to buy your cycling-mad loved ones? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a load of great products available from our both our stores at a variety of price points – from cheap and cheerful stocking fillers to extra special gifts. There should be enough here to get you inspired!

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Gifts priced up to £20

Clockwise from top left:

Knog “Oi!” Bell - £15.99 – Ings

Bells are a great way to stay safe on the road and on the trail, but they aren’t going to win you any style points! Luckily, the “Oi!” bell from Knog doesn’t look like a bell - in fact, thanks to its neat design, you can hardly tell it’s on your bars at all. Knog have managed to achieve this without making any compromise on sound, too!

Assos Chamois Creme - £13.99 – Ings

Give someone the gift of a comfortable rear end this Christmas with possibly the best chamois creme on the market. Not only does this stuff work on pretty much any pad, it’s also made by one of the most reputable brands in cycling apparel. Plus, when you tell your loved one that you got them something from Assos for Christmas they’re going to get pretty excited!

Bikepacking Guide Book  - £16.99 – Ambleside

The popularity of bikepacking has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. This book has tons of great self sufficient mountain bike tours across the UK, all of which should resonate with anyone with a sense of adventure. We also have a range of Apidura bike bags available at both stores (£90-£104) – a great gift for any budding bikepacker. If nothing else it might get them out of the house for a few days!

SIS Performance Box - £9.99 – Ambleside

Winter training can be a real drag, to get through it you need as much help as you can get. These SIS Performance Packs have enough gels and bars to see you through even the most grueling of rides. At just under a tenner, this makes a great stocking filler for any cyclist.


20 - 50


Gifts Priced £20 - £50

Clockwise from top left

Chapeau Winter Cap - £34.99 – Ings

Since taking on Chapeau earlier this year we’ve been amazed by its popularity. This winter cap might not be as flashy as their jerseys or jackets, but it would make a great gift for a roadie who isn’t afraid to ride through the winter.

Ritchey Preset Torque Key - £21.99 – Ings

This is one of those tools you don’t realise how much you need until you actually own one. Being able to nip up your bolts to the correct torque whenever you want helps to keep your bike in good working order. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t mind fiddling, tweaking and generally messing around with their bicycle!

Muc-Off 8 in 1 Bicycle Cleaning Kit - £40 – Ambleside and Ings

Everything you need to keep you bike clean through a winter of riding. This pack has a great selection of brushes, sponges and sprays – perfect for riders who spend more time on the hose than in the saddle! Muc-off packs start from as little as £15 for a ‘wash/lube/protect pack’, right up to £60 for the fantastic ‘Ultimate Bike Care Kit’ which even comes with it’s own tool box!

Norrona Falketind Merino Socks - £28 – Ambleside

If you’re going to get someone socks this Christmas, you might as well do it properly! These merino wool socks are some of the warmest and softest we’ve ever tried. Great for riding, hiking and pretty much any other outdoor sport. Be careful though, once you get one Norrona product you might just end up buying the lot!

50 - 100

Gifts Priced from £50 - £100

Clockwise from top left

Madison DTE Hybrid Jacket - £99.99 - Ings

We love Madison products here at Ambleside, thanks to their ability to offer top-end performance at fair prices. Hybrid jackets are a great way to stay warm on winter rides, and the DTE lets you do this for under £100 (just). Available in men’s and women’s fit.

Cat Eye Volt 800 - £89.99 – Ings and Ambleside

Riding at night demands decent lighting. The Cat Eye Volt 800 provides this to great effect. Use it as a bar mounted main light for roadies, or as a secondary helmet mounted light for trail riding. The Volt 800 will open up a whole new world of after dark possibilities for any rider.

Fox Rovar Flannel Shirt - £67.99 – Ambleside

This year we decided to take a dip into the world of ‘casual’ wear at Ambleside, and we haven’t looked back since. this ‘apres-du-shred’ flannel shirt from Fox Apparel is comfortable, well fitted and looks great. We also have it in blue – I couldn’t tell you which one looks better!

Giro Pivot 2.0 Winter Gloves - £64.99 Ings and Ambleside

Ok, so £65 is a lot for a pair of gloves – we get that – but these aren’t any old gloves. The Pivot 2.0 features an OutDry waterproof, breathable membrane, ensuring dry, warm hands in any conditions. The real highlight, however, is the sleek design. Giro have reduced the glove’s bulkiness compared to its competitors, helping to vastly improve dexterity. Any rider would be happy to open up a pair of these on Christmas morning!



Gifts priced over £100

Clockwise from top left:

Gore One Shakedry - £220 – Ings

The benchmark in waterproof bike jackets. This roadie cut Active Shell jacket is the thinnest and lightest on the market – but what more would you expect from Gore?

Adidas Zonyk Glasses – From £129.99 – Ings

These high performance glasses from Adidas are a must for any keen roadie. The polycarbonate lenses offer an unrivalled field of vision and come in a variety of colours and types. Anyone who’s used Adidas eyewear before will be aware of just how good they are compared to other options on the market.

Mons Royale Covert Hoody - £159.99 – Ambleside

We started getting Mons Royale base layers in our Ambleside store earlier this year, and they have proved to be hugely popular. The New Zealand based company produce super high quality, ethically sourced merino products for skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. This stylish, comfortable hoody is perfect for anyone heading to the slopes this winter.

Hope R2 LED 4 Cell Light - £200 – Ambleside

Hope make the best lights in the world. Fact. The R2 packs a lot of punch in a very small unit. This light is easily bright enough for night rides, and light enough to mount on a helmet without affecting your ride. Pairing this up with the even brighter Hope R4 (£230) will give you enough lumens to light up any trail, all year round.