Get Excited for Winter–New Mons Royale Kit Has Arrived

published by bktr on 17/10/2017 14:44:35

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Being excited about winter is a strange feeling. I’m normally at a complete loss by this point in the year - the days are shorter, colder and wetter, the trails are usually torturous slop-fests, and my kit seems to be permanently soggy. Sometimes, however, something comes along which makes the prospect of winter riding seem palatable – maybe even exciting. It could be a new set of lights, some water proof shoes or a mud-spike tyre or – as in the case with our latest Mons Royale delivery – some stunning merino layers.

 Mens LS Tee x4

For the uninitiated, Mons Royale have been producing fine Marino garments out of Wanaka, New Zealand, since way back in 2009. Admittedly, 8 years might not seem like a long time, but what they have achieved in the short time they’ve been around is nothing short of incredible. Mons started out making merino base layers for winter sports, utilizing New Zealand’s long history of merino wool farming, and combining it with the country’s enthusiasm for skiing and snowboarding. The result – high quality, high performance garments, styled to look good on and off the slopes. The natural progression from winter sports was, of course, into mountain biking - where durable, comfortable, moisture wicking fabrics are a must.

Mens Hoody and Zip

This year’s kit from Mons features the great styling we’ve come to expect from them, with lots of bold logos and bright colours. The main pieces of the winter range are the long sleeved Raglan jerseys, which work great as a comfortable, warm base layer for winter riding. For colder rides we also have a couple of zipped mid layers, including the half zipped checklist jersey and full zipped Covert hoody. All these pieces use Mons’ core spun merino/polyester blend – meaning you get the optimal balance of performance and durability.

Ladies LS Tee x4

It’s a similar story with the ladies winter ranges, with lots of bright colours and stylish patterns. Once again we have long sleeved base layers providing the corner stone pieces, all featuring a core-spun merino blend. One of the neat features of the long sleeved jerseys is the thumb holes at the end of the sleeves, allowing you to keep your hands toasty on cold days.

Ladies Zip x2

Mid layers are a really great option for winter riding as they give you more options in changeable conditions. Mons have produced some really striking women’s zipped mid layers for this years winter range, all of which perform well and look great.

Buffs and Bobbles

No winter range would be complete without bobble hats and buffs. These merino offerings have the distinct feel of high quality wool, so will be comfortable and warm in any conditions. Once again, the styling of these pieces has been kept bright and bold – nobody wants a dull bobble hat, after all!


Since we took on the brand this summer, we’ve been really impressed with what Mons Royale have to offer. Their quality, attention to detail and distinctive styling has received a lot of praise from our customers and they certainly seem like a brand which will only get bigger and bigger. Pop into our Ambleside store to see Mons’ winter range, or to find out more details about the brand.