Custom Building Your Bike With Us

published by bktr on 05/12/2014 19:21:00

Custom Build Bikes at Biketreks

Here at Biketreks, we have over 25 years of custom building experience.  We’ve built everything from £12,000 Santa Cruz Bronson’s to £15,000 Specialized S Works Tarmac’s (and everything in between).

When it comes to customizing a product for you the brief really can be limitless, with the only limits been your imagination and the compatibility of what will fit on a frame.  Every component on a bike can be customised whether it be changing the colour of a cable outer or an end crimp to us getting you custom made decals for forks, shocks or even a name badge on your top tube.

Due to this it is really hard to put this onto the website as a product you can buy with a selection of options but we do give you some really interesting and flexible options online.  That said, if you have a build in mind and want us to put something together, you only have to ask. You can email or phone but the best way to make sure that what you want is going to work in the final build, you should visit with us in store and we will allocate a staff member to getting your build perfect.

Custom building is something that takes a lot of time and experience to get right and many shops claim to be able to custom build but the changing of a grip colour doesn’t constitute that in our opinion! 

Custom Build Bikes at Biketreks

With so many options out in the market place unless you have a thorough understanding of bikes it can be a mine field so don’t worry if you want something special or unique and you don’t know the first thing about components, you tell us what you want to get from your riding and we will match a build to your requirements. 

We are masters at “knowing nothing” about a “certain bike” so the Mrs’ or Mr doesn’t find out, and if you want something for a special Birthday then we too can help you along the way.

Custom building also need not cost you £10k+ we can alter the build on ANY bike we stock or can get hold of.  Don’t think that just because a Specialized Stumpjumper comes with Formula brakes that you have to buy it with those on, we can swap and change any element of any bike for you.

Custom Build Bikes at Biketreks

When selecting components for your custom build we have access to some of the Worlds most desirable brands such as Mavic, Thomson, Chris King, Hope, ENVE, Tune, Rotor, Ritchey, 3T, Formula, Zipp, Deda, BOS and so on.

Due to our exacting nature there are some things however that we simply will not fit to bikes and companies we are unwilling to do business through with our tried and tested avenues.  The Lake District is a harsh place to ride and work on bikes, with the relentless rain and rocky terrain our bikes take a beating both on and off the road.  Therefore we are not been awkward when we say “no sir we will not fit red Jagwire cables and coloured wheel nipples on your Bronson along with some Crank Brothers pedals” we are doing so because you will only be disappointed in the outcome.  Looking stunning is one thing, actually working is another!

Custom Build Bikes at Biketreks

When it comes to building up your dream bike we have highly trained and proficient mechanics to turn your bike into a rolling reality.  Just ask anyone who has worked for us in the past about the standards to which we work – many have come and many have gone as they cannot operate under our exacting standards.  A bike which takes a mechanic 30mins to build from a box is NOT a Biketreks bike, and hour is spent as a minimum on every bike that leaves our workshop.  In the case of a full custom build a minimum of 3 hours is spent and if it includes Di2 electronic routing or Invisiframe protection that can be a 6 hour job!

Custom Build Bikes at Biketreks

We will always strive to give you the best options within your original spec but we will not botch, bash or simply make do with any old thing.  We get it right, we underwrite the size of any bike, and if you are unhappy with any element of a bike we have chosen for you we are happy to swap it to something else.  In the 25 years we have been custom building bikes this has never happened so we are confident we will get it right for you.

Custom Build Bikes at Biketreks

So there you have it, a brief insight into our custom build options, and our promises to you guys and girls in creating them.  So what are you waiting for?  Get on the phone or email to speak to the following people to get your dream bike built up today:

Meet Our Experts:

  • Santa Cruz & Boardman expert and manager of custom building – Sarah
  • Orange & Kinesis expert – John (OC)
  • Specialized expert – Tom
  • Scott expert – Bryan
  • Any other brands also welcome, we commonly work on Cervelo’s, Lightspeeds, Van Nic’s and Cotic’s to name but a few.