Biketreks Rewards Scheme to Launch 1st July 2017

published by andy on 10/06/2017 10:19:00


Launching on the 1st of July we are introducing a brand new loyalty scheme to our regular and discerning customers where we will reward you for shopping with us on a regular basis.

As many of you will know we tried this once before (I can hear you all sighing!!) but we promise you this time you won’t need to spend £1million pounds to get an energy gel!  The scheme is now super flexible from our point of view so just like Marks and Spencer we will be offering double points weekend, in store special offers and some of you may even get a card pre loaded with points through the post!!

To enrol on the loyalty scheme all we need is an email address so come the 1st July once the scheme is activated if you currently receive our newsletter you’ll automatically get an email saying you’re enrolled on the scheme.  If you don’t want to be then you can opt out, but if you do then the next time you buy something with us (t’s and c’s apply) then you will start to collect points to spend on anything and everything.

At present you collect a point for every pound you spend and each point is worth a penny.  So if buy a jersey for £50 then you’ll get 50 points which is worth £0.50 off your next transaction. 

We will keep a track of this on our till system for you (it’s so easy even Keith can make it work now!) and you have access to a portal online telling you what you’ve spent on what, how many points you got and how many pounds that translates into to spend next visit.  If you hide all this info from the Mr/Mrs then be sure to make your password a tricky one!!

Loyalty will by no means replace regular customer discount if it’s not for you so don’t worry on that front!  We hope everyone gets on board and we will have some great offers available to those on the scheme so watch this space!