Apidura ultralight cycle luggage

published by Biketreks on 14/04/2018 12:36:00


Pack light without packing less

With long days and warmer temperatures finally starting to grace us with their presence, it’s time to start planning some summer bikepacking adventures! The rise in popularity of gravel/adventure bikes has made long distance rides on variable terrain much more accessible, especially thanks to a new generation of bicycle luggage. 

Gone are the days of having to fit a heavy rack and panniers to the back of an already heavy bike. A new breed of touring/bikepacking luggage has revolutionised the way you can load up your steed to carry everything you need for all manner of trips.

Although there are several companies producing similar products, Apidura are market leaders in terms of quality and innovation, and, having tested a range of their packs, we’re proud to stock them all at our Ings store.


With a wide range of packs varying in size and function, this modular system allows you to carry as many or as few bags as you need, depending on the nature and duration of your trip. As the bags are designed to fit directly to the bike, without the need for additional fixtures, they’re not only much easier to fit and detach, but are also considerably lighter than traditional rack and pannier set-ups. The system has also been ergonomically optimised to cause minimal interference with your riding, even on a fully loaded bike.

Most of the bags come in two versions: ‘Backcountry’ and ‘Expedition’. The Expedition models are constructed from an extremely durable and completely waterproof fabric, and have welded seams to ensure that your kit stays dry. The Backcountry range also uses waterproof fabric, but stitched seams mean that water can penetrate during heavy rainfall.


The range includes packs and pouches that attach securely to your saddle, frame and handlebars, allowing the weight of your kit to be evenly distributed across your bike, and the system is so versatile that they can be fitted to almost any type of bike. With everything from 17 litre saddle packs to 0.5 litre top tube pouches, there’s a size and shape of bag to suit every requirement, be it for multi-day bikepacking trips, or just the daily commute.


So, if you’re interested in pimping out your ride with some state-of-the-art cycle luggage, swing by our Ings store and check out Apidura’s tardis-like properties for yourself. They are deceptively spacious for such neat-looking bags! We even have a selection of books and maps to help you plan your summer adventures!