Everything you need to know about the new Santa Cruz 5010 and Bronson

published by bktr on 05/07/2018 16:10:00

Bronson Header 

The big news we’ve been waiting for is finally here – we’ve got two newly updated Santa Cruz’s on the way, and the fact that they’re two of the brands best loved models only makes it more exciting. There’s lots of changes to go through on each bike, all with the aim of making bikes which are more fun, more capable and better designed than ever before.

5010 Main

The 5010 is the least dramatically changed in terms of looks, with the new bike retaining much of the layout of it’s older stable mate. The big changes become clear when you look a little closer, though. One of the key features on the new bike is the geometry adjusting flip switch incorporated into the upper link. This feature has come straight from the current 29er ranges, and allows you to chose between ‘Hi’ or ‘Lo’ geometry settings. The ‘Hi’ setting will give the bike a punchier character, while the ‘Lo’ mode will, in theory, make for a more stable, confident ride. The full list of geo’s in both modes are below:

5010 geos

Ok, so a 0.3 degree change in head tube angle might not seem like much, but its the combination of changes which amount to a different feel for the bike. As expected, the ‘longer, lower, slacker’ mantra has been implemented with enthusiasm on the new 5010, with the right numbers tweaked in the right places to appeal to the geometry sticklers amongst us. Tyre clearance has been upped, meaning you can run the 5010 with anything from 2.3” to 2.8” tyres. The flip chip helps to implement this, with the slight adjustments in BB height helping to account for the greater tread-to-tread depth of a 650b+ tyre.

Bronson Main

On to the Bronson – and the differences here are much more obvious at first glance. A relocation of the shock and revised linkage layout has brought the Bronson more in line with the new Nomad, and there’s good reason for that. According to Santa Cruz’s resident ‘science guys’, a longer travel bike will benefit from a more progressive shock curve towards the end of its travel with the shock mounted lower in the frame. Fair enough. Can’t argue with science.

Bronson 2

The other changes match up with what we’ve already seen on the 5010 – so tweaked geometry, a flip chip and wider tyres clearance. Both bikes will be available to buy as standard 650b with 2.3” tyres, or as ‘trail plus’ with 2.6” tyres – a set up which is quickly gaining favour with UK riders.

Santa Cruz Bronson 2019

There are big updates on the build kits on all Santa Cruz’s, with changes made across the board. The entry level ‘R’ spec now features the all new SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, making 12 speed shifting available on all bikes. The ever popular ‘S’ build is mostly unchanged, bar the much needed inclusion of DT Swiss 370 hubs to replace Novatecs on the previous models. For the first time, the S build is now available with Reserve Carbon wheels as a £1200 upgrade. The XE build is now a thing of the past, since apparently nobody wanted it! Shimano fans had better have deep pockets and a lot of patience, as their only option is the new XTR build, which will be available when the new XTR 12 speed drivetrains start appear, which could be as much as 6 months away.

5010 end

You can view all of the new bikes, new specs and new colours over at www.santacruzbikes.co.uk/. As always, the new Santa Cruz’s come matched up with the corresponding Julianas, so we’ve got a new Rubion adn Furtado to tell you about too. New Juliana bikes, specs and colours can be seen at www.julianabicycles.com. If you’d like any more details about the new bikes, or any of the bikes in the Santa Cruuz/Juliana range then please feel free to get in touch. We’re hoping to have some of the new bikes at our Santa Cruz demo day on the 18th of August, so make sure you get yourself book on to try the bikes for yourself!