2019 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR is Released at long last

published by bktr on 18/11/2018 16:20:00



Gosh it’s been tricky keeping this one secret!  I’ll be honest we go to a lot of product launches in this industry and some are very hard to get excited about, but when we were invited to this launch it was a whole different story!!

So how do you improve the winner of the electric mountain bike of the year?  Well you take what you’ve learnt from the newly released Stumpjumper, add in a motor, add in a huge 700W battery, and finally put the control buttons on the top tube - hey presto you’ve got it!

The 2018 Levo has hands down out sold all our other E mountain bikes 10:1 and it’s because of it’s smooth delivery of power from it’s Brose motor and it’s ride quality.  It is wonderfully balanced, correctly sized and comes in both men’s and women’s formats for the perfect control.


For 2019 the frame has shaved 800 grams in weight so it feels more nimble and it’s just that little bit easier to put on the car!  They’ve achieved this by removing material from the downtube as the new battery fills it rather than been sort of stuck on there.  This has meant that the sidewall thickness is decreased as the overall increased length of the tube offers better stiffness so the weight can be reduced.

There is a new 700Wh battery which comes as standard on the Expert Carbon and S Works, and can be bought after market as an upgrade to any of the other models in the range (price to be confirmed).  The standard alloy, comp alloy and comp carbon all come with 500Wh batteries as standard now.


There is a new generation of the Brose motor which has had a make over and now features a magnesium surround meaning it is smaller and lighter.  Due to this is has meant that the placing is slightly altered in the BB area to the Levo of old meaning the motor protrudes less adding to the new ones sleek lines.

With the decrease in motor size and increase in battery size it means that the motor cover area is also changed.  A 6mm allen key is needed to remove your battery from the bottom of the bike, and as there’s no real need to go in there other than to remove that, the covers have changed to have less interconnecting parts.  This means our wonderful Lake District rain will be kept at bay as there’s less opportunity for it to get in there now!

One of the major changes that Specialized have finally introduced is the control for your various modes and your battery indicator are now on the top tube.  A press of the circle now turns the bike on and then the coloured area around it indicates which mode you are in.  The more of the circle that is complete the more assistance you are getting.  You still control your mode selection from the bars like on the 2018 Levo. 


Underneath the circle is a series of coloured bands which indicate your battery level.  The more you see the more battery you’ve got.  One funky feature Specialized have with this top tube mounting is the option to put the bike into “stealth” mode so if you’re night riding the coloured buttons don’t distract you!!

As with every Specialized electric bike this bike works with the Mission Control app which is now in it’s third version.  For those who aren’t tech minded or don’t want to strap their iPhone to the handlebars there is now also an optional upgrade to a stem mounted computer.  This will tell you the info most of us want to know such as speed, distance, time spent out etc.  This is going to retail for around £50 which is much better than a rock hitting your iPhone at £500+!


The final major change for the 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo is the suspension platform.  If you’re familiar with the new Stumpjumper which was launched in May then it’s basically the same.  In our Ambleside store we struggle to keep the new Stumpy in stock as do Specialized on a global basis, so having the Levo move to this platform is such a good thing.  We have 3 members of staff riding the new Stumpy and it’s this new design that makes it so fun and rideable.  We’ve never had pedal strike as the bike sits up in its mid travel, it pedals like a demon, and descends with confidence but finesse – it’s not a point shoot and hold on affair like the Enduro / Kenevo.  It has a liveliness about it that means it’s exciting rather than dull.

And finally all the new models come as standard with 29er wheels (women’s included).  The bikes will take a 6Fattie set up like the 2018 models, but research has shown that bikes like these benefit from the 29er setup rather than the 650b.  Our MTB sales in Ambleside certainly reflect this with 70% of our sales last year in the 29er camp from hardtails to Enduro bikes.

So in summary here’s what’s changed:

  • New suspension platform borrowed from the 2019 Stumpjumper
  • 500Wh battery as standard on the Alloy, Alloy Comp and Comp Carbon models
  • 700Wh battery on the Expert Carbon and S Works models
  • 700Wh battery available to buy aftermarket to upgrade the 500Wh models
  • Controls, mode indicator and battery level now on the top tube
  • Optional computer available aftermarket to show you additional information
  • Brose motor has improved smooth delivery and is lighter in weight
  • Overall the weight is reduced 400-800grams across the models.
  • All models are 29er (can still run 6Fattie wheels but you cannot buy a bike off the shelf with them in)

We know this bike is going to be popular and we have comp carbon, alloy and alloy comp for both men and women on the water as I type.  We also have comp carbon and alloy women’s demo bikes available from our Ings store (t’s and c’s apply) and the stunning Expert Carbon and S Works carbon are due around October / November in to the UK (we also have those on order!)

As a introductory we offer on these new models we are running a promotion up until the end of November 2018.  If you place your order for one with us in what’s left of September or October, then we will either throw you in a set of Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes with floating rotors OR we will give you a Hope R4 light for your bars and a Cateye Volt 800 for your helmet.  This offer is strictly limited to these 2 months and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.  We can offer up to 2 years 0% finance on any of the bikes, and a 10% deposit will secure one as yours.

Thank you for reading my lengthy jibber jabber as the boys call it, and we look forward to seeing you in our award winning stores – Specialist Retailer of the year so why look anywhere else than us to buy your new 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR?!