2018 Scott Foil Disc

published by bktr on 04/10/2017 11:15:00


With disc brakes taking the world of road cycling by storm, it was only a matter of time before we saw the the superior stopping set-up filter through to aero race bikes. As champions of the format, Scott bikes have featured disc brake versions of the majority of their road bikes for the past couple of years, with the 2018 Scott Foil being the latest model to be adapted to accommodate discs.

Putting bulky disc brakes on an aero race bike may seem counterintuitive, but the clever people at Scott have completely redesigned the 2018 Foil Disc to compensate for the 3-watt aerodynamic disadvantage over rim brakes, whilst only adding 40 grams in weight.


One of the biggest differences is the fork, which has been designed to minimise air drag around the brakes, and cope with the asymmetric forces of disc brakes. It also features a 12mm thru-axle on front and rear, with a 25mm head on the front to support the extra load from the brake, and the levers can be removed on both axles to help improve aerodynamics further still.Thanks to the absence of rim brake calipers, the fork can also accommodate up to 30C tyres.


Several changes have also been made to the frame in order to optimise aerodynamics and handle the asymmetric nature of the brakes. While the front triangle of the frame remains largely the same as the rim brake model, the non-drive side of the chainstay has been beefed up, and the wide PF86 bottom bracket and unique carbon lay-up makes it extremely stiff.


In addition to control, aerodynamics and stiffness, Scott has also prioritised comfort in the redesign. Not only does the carbon lay-up increase lateral stiffness, but it also makes it more vertically compliant, resulting in a much more comfortable ride than previous incarnations of the Foil. Noticeably thinner seatstays that are attached lower down the frame also help to improve compliance further still.


In redesigning the Foil to accommodate disc brakes, Scott have created an aero bike that gives the rider confidence to carry their speed until the last moment, whatever the conditions, and without compromising on weight or aerodynamics. It’s quite a feat of engineering, and we can’t wait to take one out for a spin when they arrive at our Ings store in the new year!