2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy, SRAM Eagle and ENVE Superbike!

published by bktr on 08/08/2016 22:23:00


Every now and again I have to hand over my custom building reins to other staff as I’m busy shouting at joiners at present and someone else has to step in with the enviable task of building a customer’s dream bike.  Well this beauty is John’s creation along with new owner Chris and as a “first off the bat” the boy’s done well!

So here we have:

  • 2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy Carbon CC Frame
  • Hope Headset
  • Chris King Bottom Bracket
  • SRAM Golden Eagle XX1 Groupset
  • Chris King Hubs on ENVE 60:40 Rims 29er
  • Fox Factoy Fork and Shock
  • ENVE Bar and Stem
  • KS Lev Integra Seatpost
  • Crank Brothers Pedals
  • SRAM Guide Ultimate Brakes
  • Fabric Saddle


Built for speed with a bit of XC adventuring this Tallboy is a no expense spared affair.  Having waited 3 months for Eagle the original plan was to go full stealth but since I’m still waiting for black Eagle as I type a month later, Chris opted for gold as he wanted to ride his new bike at some point this year!


SRAM Eagle takes the drivetrain up to 12 speed and features a cassette that is bigger than your 180mm rotor!  The idea is that if you have a bigger top ring then you can have a bigger front ring allowing you more useable gears throughout the range.  Some people have taken the view however that you can now climb walls on your bike and kept with a small front ring!


Invisiframed throughout including the cranks, we’ve also got crank boots to keep those cranks looking new from the off!


On a bike of this calibre it’s only right to fit it with Chris King hubs and now you can finally buy them in boost in the UK it’s much easier!


Laced to ENVE 60:40 rims with Sapim CX Ray spokes this bike will only ever be run as a 29er so there’s not a second wheelset which most of our Tallboy’s and Hightower’s have left with.  We had some custom decals done in full stealth too to match in with the look.  Orange or gold ones on a build like this look naff as it’s trying too hard!


Opting for the new and very well received SRAM Guide Ultimate brakes with ENVE SWP bars we recommended a Soutpaw for the KS Lever but the customer didn’t want one so no need to point that out people!


Currently a Hope headset is the nicest one to fit this frame but I’ve asked CK to get on it so watch this space!  A ENVE stem is obviously a must too.


Having had my SRAM Eagle shifter for 3 months now (still waiting for the rest!) I am fully acquainted with it and I love the eagle on the paddle, should be gold on the golden edition in my opinion though!


Finally we have Fox Factory shock and forks both with custom stealth decals to match the rims and provide efficient smooth bouncing for miles and miles!

So I would like to say a huge thank you to Chris who’s waited quietly and patiently for his stem and his Eagle groupset forever and a day, Sam for building it all up taking 8 hours in total with invisiframe, a wheel build and then a complete build, and John for giving us something to drool over until Chris came to collect it.