2018 Demo Days

published by bktr on 15/09/2018 09:31:00


Moving into 2018 we will have more demo days than ever before as we’ve got so many new brands gracing our shop floor.  So far the confirmed dates are:

We’ll be adding to this list as we get more confirmed demo dates, so keep an eye out for further updates!

The booking of the demo bikes will open a month before the event and for 2018 we will be charging for each demo ride to ensure people are as keen as mustard and will actually turn up once they’ve booked on a bike.  The charge will be taken at the time of booking on our website and will cost £19.95 which you will then get back in a £15 gift voucher on the day when you turn up to spend at your leisure, and we will donate the £4.95 postage to Langdale mountain rescue just in case!!

We run an AM and a PM session where AM rides meet at 9:30am at our Ambleside store and PM rides meet at 12:30pm also at our Ambleside store.