Specialized Turbo Vado 5.0 Step-Through - White Mountains / Black Reflecitve - 2022


Price £4,400.00

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  • The Specialized Turbo Vado is your bike that will do it all. From daily Commuting to fast workouts to longer than planned adventures, its an electric bike thats offers the smoothest ride of eBike built and catered around everyday life. The Vado is designed to bodly take on the ever changing landscape you encounter as a daily rider, carry whatever you need it to and keep you riding more often.

    With a redesigned geometry the Vado puts you in an efficent position while comfortably keeping your eyes on busy roads or cycleways. Taking learnings from the speed a road rider seeks and the manouverability a mountain bike rider needs, the riders position on the Vado instills confidence and at the same time optimizes the users agility to efficently power from A to B with ease.

    The all new Turbo Vado is the smoothest, quietest, mosty powerful and most secure electric bike Specialized have made. All with the ability to improve functionality over time from the comfort of your home via custom over the air software updates.


    EverySpecialized Turbo eBike is optimized through software thats developed in house, nothing off the shelf. The latest generation of eBikes now feature over the air updates found in the Mision Control Smartphone App. All sources to increase the ease, usability, safety and security of your bike, tailored to you the rider, Tackling some of the biggest reasons people avoid their bike commute or riding more often.

    MasterMind is the brain of all new Turbo eBikes. The display reveals all relevant info about your ride, allows real time tuning of support levels and enables over the air updates so that your bike gets better over time. With seamless Integration through the Specialized Mission Control App, masterMind offers a range of optimization tools such as advanced tuning, on ride diagnostics and more.

    Every day riders will also celebrate anb all new Turvo System Lock to make bike thieves miserable. Use the Mission Control App to disable your bikes motor and activate the motion sensor alarm. Once locked, the motor cannot be enabled again except by the owner.


    The Frame: E5 Aluminium Frame, Bottom Bracket Motor Mounted with fully Integrated downtube battery, with key lockable battery. Internally cable routed. Lock and front rack mount.

    Suspension Fork: Rock Shox Recon Silver RL with 80mm of smooth travel, Motion Control, with fender mountings.

    Motor: Specialized 2.2 90Nm of torque. Custom tuned motor with 250W nominal.

    Interface/Remote: MasterMind TCD, with handlebar remote. Built in Anti-theft feature, Bluetooth® connectivity and customizable page displays.

    Battery: Specialized U2-710, Alloy casing with state of charge display, 710Wh.

    Gearing: Gates Carbon Drive CDx24T with Belt drive, 50T chanset.

    Brakes: Sram G2 RS, 4 piston calliper, Hydraulic disc, features 180mm rotors front and rear.

    Loop For A Lifetime Of Riding

    Riding an electric bike is good for the planet, but eventually, millions of e-Bike batteries will head to landfills unless we do something about it.With the ultimate goal being complete material reuse, we’ve partneredwith recycling partners around the world, including Redwood Materialsin the US, to create pathways for the reuse and recycling of everything wecreate. Through partnerships, we’ll learn ways to design for circularityand create new pathways for recycling and reuse across the industry.
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