2019 Mason Resolution2 Ultegra Hydro Shutter Black


Price £3,345.00

 These modern steel bikes are based around our Italian crafted Resolution2 frame sets. We decided to really focus on a niche that we believe is under-developed and give it our full attention to produce the absolute best product possible. #FastFar has become the tagline for these uniquely progressive bikes. This is a thoroughly modern, Multi-Surface, Continent Crushing, Ultra-Endurance, Se4son, adventure machine. Capable of keeping you fresh and engaged whilst crossing a country or delivering you swiftly home at the front of the club run.

With the first Mason Resolution and Definition models, we were excited and spurred on by advances and new thinking in braking, transmissions, wheels and tyres. The first Mason bikes embraced the revolution in disc-brakes, large volume tyres, disc-brake specific and tubeless ready wheels and adaptable internal routing for hydraulics and electronic shifting.

We are not building down to a price, so we use full groupsets, not a mix of different levels like many brands. The idea is that the bikes are built up to a performance standard, not down to a price point, they are designed to last a long time and the modern features mean they won't date fast and can be updated as your needs and riding style changes.

These bikes are designed for serious adventures, in speed and comfort. The geometry is designed for stability at speed and when loaded and the slacker, but not too slack, angles work perfectly with disc brakes and perform dependably on a variety of surfaces, on and off road. Longer head tubes mean you are not too head-down for comfort, but they are a sensible length to ensure that power isn't compromised when accelerating and climbing.

Above all, we worked to ensure the Resolution maintains the matchless ride of steel that makes you want to come back to the bike and take it far, but stiff enough to entice speed. That really is the essence of our steel model.

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