Norco Torrent Hardtail Frame - Steel - Green / Copper - SALE


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  • Steel Hardtail Frame

The Torrent Steel rages on modern trails without the need for rear suspension.
Using Norco's holistic approach to frame design, its unique combination of Gravity Tune, long reach, slack head tube angle and steep seat tube angle allows more powerful pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control.

The ultimate All-Mountain hardtail experience. 
The Torrent’s long reach, slack head tube angle and steep seat tube angle provide more powerful pedaling, increased climbing traction and added grip and control when descending.​

Built to go fast and stay in control.
To support riders through the lunacy that the Torrent's inspires, every one is equipped with 4-piston disc brakes, short seat tubes, long-stroke dropper posts and aggressive knobby 29” tires.​

Burly steel and aluminum frames for All-Mountain mayhem.
The Torrent is available in both steel and aluminum to give you some options for when you're ready to rail the trail that’s been naggin’ you forever. 

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