Assos Women Uma GT Spring/Fall Half Tights - Black Series - SALE


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Bibtight Assos Uma GT Spring Fall Woman. Manufacturer reference Assos:

Assos 3/4 culotte without spring straps and women's autumn is ideal for the outings in these days of autumn and spring that there is a variable climate that during the morning is cold but after the sun the temperatures rise. It is an ideal culotte to use over long distances offers great comfort and protects you from the cold of the first hours of the day and also offers great breathability.

It is designed with the RX Evo fabric, which is a fabric that is very flexible, breathable and offers great comfort, and is subjected to a treatment that is water repellent, to protect the cyclist from weak precipitations.

The RX Light fabric at the back of the legs to offer good breathability and flexibility.

The cut that has been used is the RegularFit for women but is less tight than the Assos RacingFit cut.

It incorporates the Uma Evo foam pad of a 8mm grossor that offers great comfort ideal for use on long distance departures.

The fabric panels are strategically placed to flex with each pedal, as they are predetermined and sewn to fully cover and protect the upper legs, knees and calves while the body is in motion.

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