2019 Specialized Turbo Levo FSR is Released at long last

  Gosh it’s been tricky keeping this one secret!  I’ll be honest we go to a lot of product launches in this industry and some are very hard to get excited about, but when we were invited to this launch it was a whole different story!! So how do you improve the winner of the electric.... More

A quick look at a few MTB offerings from Orbea–our newest brand!

With some manufacturers it can be really tough to decide whether there is a place for them in our shop. There are pros and cons to be weighed up, figures to be checked and double checked, and all before we try to work out if anyone would actually buy their bikes! With other companies, the fit is so.... More

The Orange Pop and Zest–Next Generation Bikes!

Remember your first bike? I don’t mean your first ‘proper’ bike, I mean the bike you actually learned to ride on. The chances are it was probably pretty crap. Your typical kids bike is heavy, cumbersome and badly made – not the ideal piece of kit for little ones trying to get into the sport. Over the past.... More

May Offer – FREE Hope Tech 3 E4 Standard Brakes on any MTB over £3000

  For the month of May we are offering to upgrade your newly invested bike with Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes with standard hoses and floating rotors for FREE! This is available for bikes we currently have in stock only and we will keep the original brakes off the bike. The terms and conditions are as follows:.... More

2019 Specialized Stumpjumper–The Evolution of The Trail Bike

I know, I know, we’ve not even hit “in season” for 2018 bikes and already Specialized have jumped the gun with the new Stumpjumper.  It was too good to keep under wraps until June when everyone else will launch, and after meeting in a hotel to see the bikes a month or so a go on an “invite.... More

Stumpjumper Coil – Plus a very special Biketreks offer

Last year Specialized turned the consumer trail bike market on its head with the release of the Enduro Coil. The growing popularity of coil sprung suspension on the EWS circuit, as well as Specilaized’s adoption of the Ohlins brand, meant that putting a coil sprung Enduro on the market was a no brainer. It.... More

Wisper Electric Mountain Bikes Are On Order…!

Since last year sales of ebikes at Ings have rocketed and one of the brands doing particularly well is Wisper, the UK based brand who have been designing and selling ebikes for over 10 years.  Using proven electrical systems mated to simple, robust and reliable frames, Shimano gears and Tektro brakes Wisper.... More

The Alpine 6 E–Electric Powered Orange

Back at the start of 2017, a ripple of excitement to swept the Mountain bike community as Orange announced their plan to develop a pedal assist e-bike. Granted, if you spent enough time in the murky world of internet mountain bike forums you’d see that not all of this excitement was necessarily positive. As is always the case.... More

The Niner RLT 9–The Mountain Biker’s Gravel Bike

  It isn’t difficult to split opinion in the world of cycling, and nowhere is this more true than on the topic of Gravel bikes. In one camp there’s the ‘what’s the point’ crowd; after all, a gravel bike is really just a poorly designed road bike pretending to be a wildly ineffective mountain bike, right? These people will.... More

Santa Cruz Hightower LT–The Wait is Over!

  ‘Hype’ doesn’t even come close to describing the level of speculation, excitement and general fervour surrounding Santa Cruz’s new 29er Enduro machine. It started during the 2016 Enduro World Series, when a few keen-eyed fans noticed something not-quite-right with Mark Scott’s Hightower. Before long the internet was ablaze with rumours of new linkages and longer travel. It seemed.... More

2018 Santa Cruz Nomad Is Announced And It’s Nowt Anyone Expected!!

Who says freeride is dead? Not Santa Cruz, and to prove it they've created a new Nomad, one that's bigger, badder, and more gravity oriented than ever before. With 170mm of travel, a 64.6-degree head angle (in the low setting) and a new rear suspension layout inspired by the V10, this is about as close as you can.... More

Specialized Enduro Ohlins Coil 29er Lands In Store

3 Boxes of specialness arrived in our workshop this morning containing the brand new limited Specialized Enduro Ohlins Coil.  This is the first bike to feature both the Ohlins TTX Coil rear shock and the brand spanking new Ohlins RXF 36 Coil Fork. Since it’s launch this year we’ve sold more 29er Enduro’s than any other Specialized.... More

Introducing the Zest – the 26” Trail Ripper from Orange!

  In the last few years we’ve seen a quiet revolution happening in the world of mountain bikes. A revolution which has seen whole brands built around it, and has made high quality bikes more accessible to huge numbers of people. I’m not talking about head angles or rear axle spacing; this is the kid’s bike revolution, and Orange.... More

I Am So Excited To Introduce You To…Alchemy Bikes!

A few months ago me and Mike were sat in cafe Ambio next door to our new Ings store discussing an order of SIDI, Chris King and ENVE parts.  Having decided on what we wanted I had one final flick through the catalogue of other treasures that the distributor brought in when I suddenly stopped and fell quiet. .... More

Authenticity in a world of make belief…

…was the latest sentence to come out of Andy’s mouth this week when we were having a “discussion” over this month’s MBR advert, and it got me thinking.  I’ve spent the last 6 years expelling the virtues of my beloved Santa Cruz’s, and only taking in today we’ve had 3 phones calls along the lines of “I.... More