Save Up To 75% Off Void and Mons Royale Clothing In Our Sale

As winter is well and truly here, and those dizzy heights of hot summer seem to have disappeared we are putting our remaining summer stock on sale.  We are starting with our 2 popular niche brands Void road clothing and Mons Royale merino wear.  You will find Mons in Ambleside and Void in Ings if you’re looking to.... More

Orbea Gain Arrives

The new Orbea Gain range of road, gravel and hybrid ebikes is probably the most exciting range of ebikes we’ve ever seen here at Biketreks.  A brief carpark test of a prototype model on a rainy September’s day was enough to convince me that they’d hit upon a winning formula and since.... More

Ings and Their Shoe Fetish!

Is it just me or are roadies collectors of shoes?  If my stock count is anything to go by in Ings there must be no road shoes left in the world as Mike and Keith are hoarding them all there! With the summer weather looking somewhat behind us now we have some great discounts to be found.... More

Void Cycle Clothing Collection Lands–Part 2

As their website strapline puts it so brilliantly ‘Bring Fashion to Cycling’.  We would go much further than that, in the sense VOID brings fashion, style, function, quality and a certain understated / under the radar stealth element many cycling brands would sell their family for! Since we became a stockist of VOID clothing.... More

Colour is the New Black with the Gore Shakedry Collection

With the introduction of the Gore One Active Shakedry in 2015, the geniuses behind Gore-Tex achieved the seemingly impossible by producing a cycling jacket that was not only extremely waterproof and breathable, but also ultra packable, and unbelievably easy to care for, with no need for reproofing or a special detergent. .... More

Specialized Diverge E5–The Perfect Winter Bike

With winter well and truly setting in, it’s time to put your treasured summer road bike into hibernation for the next few months and switch to a steed that’s better suited to wet and gritted roads. There’s no need to resort to rattling around on that old relic that’s been rusting away in the.... More

Get Excited for Winter–New Mons Royale Kit Has Arrived

Being excited about winter is a strange feeling. I’m normally at a complete loss by this point in the year - the days are shorter, colder and wetter, the trails are usually torturous slop-fests, and my kit seems to be permanently soggy. Sometimes, however, something comes along which makes the prospect of winter riding seem palatable – maybe even.... More

Ready for Winter? Fox’s New Cold Weather Kit has Arrived

It might have felt like winter started back in July, but for the cycling industry it’s September which marks the transition into wet, windy weather. As always, we have lots of exciting new kit for you this September, with Fox kicking us off with their completely reworked ‘Water, Wind and Fire’ lines of technical cold weather kit. .... More

Chapeau Clothing Arrives At Our Ings Store

As some of you may know I’m heading off to the Alps shortly to take on a few big passes on my faithful Niner RLT and as such I wanted some funky new outfits to go away with.  Having wondered around our Ings store nothing quite fulfilled my brief of funky, bright, different, and not full on race.... More

Wisper E Bikes Give An Entry Price Point In Our New E Bike Store!

With Biketreks 3 under construction just behind Biketreks 2 we were wondering what we were actually going to put it in.  Obviously we’ve got mountain bikes in Biketreks 1 and road, gravel and hybrid in Biketreks 2 so what could we do with the latest (but knowing Simon, definitely not the last!) addition to the burgeoning Biketreks empire?.... More

Our Youth Range Expands With Our Newest Team Member–Molly Gerrish

This spring / summer we have dedicated more space, time and effort to getting little dudes and dudesses out cycling than ever before.  As such we needed a new model for our huge youth cycling range and we’ve managed to nab one of the Lake District’s finest riders who will no doubt end up sponsored by someone much.... More

Cool Merino from Mons Royale

Judging by the hoards of red faced families crowding the streets of Ambleside this week I reckon it’s safe to say that Spring is finally with us; along with lots of fancy new Spring-Summer threads! Following the success of our super-fancy Scandinavian brands, Sweet Protection and Norrona (whose Fjora gloves are absolutely brilliant, by the way), we thought.... More

Ings The story…..

So, I’ve sat down to write this blog approximately 6 times.  I’ve tried at work, at home, early in the day, late at night.  No matter how many times I've tried I’ve not quite managed to get across how this project has come together in the way I want to.  So here I am sat on the train.... More