New Bags and Clothing from Dakine!

       If there is a company which defines ‘dude’ culture, it has to be Dakine. Any brand which puts its name to the Party Bucket – a cooler bag capable of carrying several gallons of booze – clearly knows exactly what its main market is after. Sadly, we won’t be stocking any Party Buckets this summer, nor will.... More

Apidura ultralight cycle luggage

Pack light without packing less With long days and warmer temperatures finally starting to grace us with their presence, it’s time to start planning some summer bikepacking adventures! The rise in popularity of gravel/adventure bikes has made long distance rides on variable terrain much more accessible, especially thanks to.... More

2018 Fox Kit has Arrived!

Remember being able to go for a ride without packing a bag full of insulating layers, Gore-tex jackets and waterproof socks? Well believe it or not the magical few weeks we call a Lakeland Summer is creeping up on us again – don’t say we didn’t warn you! We’re starting to get our Spring/Summer stock in both.... More

Get Your Geek on with the New Shockwiz!

Let’s face it – most mountain bikers have a geeky side. Whether it’s losing sleep over half-a-degree-out head angles, or analysing the exact moment you reached VO2 max on that Strava segment, most of us a pretty keen on fine tuning our riding to get the most out of our bikes. If that’s the case, then you’ll.... More

E Bikes–No it’s not cheating, expand your horizons and broaden your minds!

There’s a conversation we hear at least once a day at Biketreks. It pops up when there’s a group of guys in the shop, usually in the ‘twilight years’ of their mountain biking careers – all knackered knees, bad backs and perhaps one too many pies – and one of them notices our Specialized Turbo Levo E-Bike. “’Ere,.... More

The Eagle Has Finally Landed–Only 3 Months Late!

So for 6 of our customers reading this you’ll be finally glad to know that golden Eagle XX1 has landed and black is not far behind!  If like me you’ve simply starred at your shifter box for 2 months impatiently waiting for the rest of the groupset to arrive the wait is coming to an end!  .... More

Hunt Wheels Arrive–Get Ready For The Chase

Last year when I bought my beloved gravel bike Niall I spent ages looking for some wheels that suited my needs.  They needed to look good, not making a noise (Hope hubs drive me insane!), have the ability to fit an XD driver, be tubeless ready, be proper disc i.e without the stupid braking surface left on the.... More