Northwave Winter Boots–Because there’s Nothing Worse than Cold Feet!

If there is such a thing as a ‘must-have’ piece of kit for winter, then surely Northwave boots are it. These winter riding staples have been around for a long time, and their current iteration has been brought bang up to date with a new design and a few smart new features. We’ve got two fantastic.... More

Santa Cruz Hightower LT CC XX1 Reserve

To say our first Hightower LT to go out the door was a special one would be a wild understatement. Santa Cruz’s latest offering – a do it all 29er long travel trail bike – has been on a lot of peoples’ wishlists since its release earlier this year, but not many of them will be going out.... More

Get Excited for Winter–New Mons Royale Kit Has Arrived

Being excited about winter is a strange feeling. I’m normally at a complete loss by this point in the year - the days are shorter, colder and wetter, the trails are usually torturous slop-fests, and my kit seems to be permanently soggy. Sometimes, however, something comes along which makes the prospect of winter riding seem palatable – maybe even.... More

October Bike Offer–Free Hope Lights

This month we are offering our every popular FREE Hope lights when you purchase a bike during October!  If you’ve not adventured off road in the dark before then these Hope lights are just the ticket you need with your new bike.  Night riding opens up your local well known trails in a way.... More

2018 Scott Foil Disc

With disc brakes taking the world of road cycling by storm, it was only a matter of time before we saw the the superior stopping set-up filter through to aero race bikes. As champions of the format, Scott bikes have featured disc brake versions of the majority of their road bikes for the past couple of years, with.... More

Pizza, Peroni and Pedalling–September 29th 6pm Ings Store

Join us at our Ings store on the 29th September at 6pm for a road or mtb ride, a pizza and beer all for £10. As the nights are drawing in we would recommend bringing your lights along just in case we have a multitude of punctures to fix en route, but we should be back for.... More

Ready for Winter? Fox’s New Cold Weather Kit has Arrived

It might have felt like winter started back in July, but for the cycling industry it’s September which marks the transition into wet, windy weather. As always, we have lots of exciting new kit for you this September, with Fox kicking us off with their completely reworked ‘Water, Wind and Fire’ lines of technical cold weather kit. .... More

Open Upper Custom Build with Custom Paint Job For The Boss

My Open Upper arrived back from Fat Creations this week and looked wonderful in its new livery, all matt black , gloss undercarriage and a subtle burnt orange colour to the inside of Opens new U-turn fork. A single vertical orange stripe emblazoned onto the down tube and continuing through onto the seat post with my logo neatly.... More

The Alpine 6 E–Electric Powered Orange

Back at the start of 2017, a ripple of excitement to swept the Mountain bike community as Orange announced their plan to develop a pedal assist e-bike. Granted, if you spent enough time in the murky world of internet mountain bike forums you’d see that not all of this excitement was necessarily positive. As is always the case.... More

Even Long, Even Slacker – the new 2018 Specialized Enduro

Specialized have just launched their 2018 Enduro, and it looks like we’re in for bigger changes than expected! Just a year after their overhaul of the classic big travel trail slayer, Specialized have tweaked their design even more to make what could be the definitive long-travel bike. As per the status quo, the design tweaks have come.... More

Five Ten District

Look good, don’t they? FiveTen’s new do-it-all shoe might just be their smartest looking trainer to date, so it’s a bonus that they’re probably their most versatile too. The intention of the District range is to provide a shoe that can be worn all day, for a variety of different riding. It’s comfortable enough to use as a.... More

2017 Specialized S Works Tarmac Disc Custom Build

Out of tragedy comes great triumph someone once said, and this bike has a tale of woe involving a previous Tarmac and a ride round London surrounding it.  Story aside this is the latest S Works custom build to come out of our Ings store highlighting just how pretty a disc bike can look. Featuring.... More

The Niner RLT 9–The Mountain Biker’s Gravel Bike

  It isn’t difficult to split opinion in the world of cycling, and nowhere is this more true than on the topic of Gravel bikes. In one camp there’s the ‘what’s the point’ crowd; after all, a gravel bike is really just a poorly designed road bike pretending to be a wildly ineffective mountain bike, right? These people will.... More

Chapeau Clothing Arrives At Our Ings Store

As some of you may know I’m heading off to the Alps shortly to take on a few big passes on my faithful Niner RLT and as such I wanted some funky new outfits to go away with.  Having wondered around our Ings store nothing quite fulfilled my brief of funky, bright, different, and not full on race.... More

Bike, Beer and Curry Night–25th August 6pm Ings Store

Following on from our steak and beer event last month curry was requested for our next one so it’s curry that you’ve got! The format is simple, we head out for a mountain bike and a road ride from our Ings store on the last Friday of every month, and for just £10 Cafe Ambio will feed.... More

The New Santa Cruz Chameleon Gets the Biketreks Treatment!

July has been an exciting month here at Biketreks – with the release of the new Hightower LT, a new Turbo Levo and – at last – the arrival of Santa Cruz’s brilliant new Chameleon. The Chameleon was announced back in April, and we’d sold out of our pre-ordered ones by May! In fact, the Chameleon had.... More

2018 Specialized Allez–Redefining The Entry Price Point

All too often, corners are cut to meet price-points in the entry-level road bike market, but the new 2018 Specialized Allez range redefines what it means to be "entry level." Focusing on weight, refinement, and reliability like nothing else in its class, the Allez strays from the norm. And while these things are expected in bikes.... More

Open One + XT Di2 and Fox Build

After waiting a fair few weeks for Fox to custom build us a set of forks for this bike, our Open One+ is finally ready and heading off up north for 24 hours of Solo Mountain Mayhem.  For those not in the know we’ve stocked Open in our Ambleside store for 6 months now along with their.... More

2018 Specialized Diverge Is Here!

You know when you’re a kid and you have a calendar with a count down to Christmas or your Birthday on?  The excitement builds and builds as you cross out the days until THE day is finally here and you’re more than a little excited!  We’ve had that feeling since the Dirty Reiver when we were the first.... More

More Beer, Burgers and Bike Riding–Friday 21st July at Ings

It’s a sweeping statement but everyone who rides a bike generally likes BBQ and beer too, so following on from our beer and bike ride with Langdale estate last week, we are hosting another event on Friday 21st July from our Ings store. We have teamed up this time with Cafe Ambio nextdoor and the.... More

Santa Cruz Hightower LT–The Wait is Over!

  ‘Hype’ doesn’t even come close to describing the level of speculation, excitement and general fervour surrounding Santa Cruz’s new 29er Enduro machine. It started during the 2016 Enduro World Series, when a few keen-eyed fans noticed something not-quite-right with Mark Scott’s Hightower. Before long the internet was ablaze with rumours of new linkages and longer travel. It seemed.... More

Ibis Demo Day–5th August

Who doesn’t love Ibis? The company have been a constant in Mountain Biking since the sport began, and they certainly have a large and loyal fan base. We’ve had the California based brand’s bikes in our Ambleside shop for the past 6 months, and the ones that have gone to new homes have been very highly rated by.... More

Wisper E Bikes Give An Entry Price Point In Our New E Bike Store!

With Biketreks 3 under construction just behind Biketreks 2 we were wondering what we were actually going to put it in.  Obviously we’ve got mountain bikes in Biketreks 1 and road, gravel and hybrid in Biketreks 2 so what could we do with the latest (but knowing Simon, definitely not the last!) addition to the burgeoning Biketreks empire?.... More