About Biketreks

Biketreks was established over 25 years ago by Andy Stephenson who wanted to bring the wonder of cycling to everyone.  Back then cycling was reserved for either the Elite, the odd weirdo, or it was simply a means of transport for getting around.  Discovering that there was a huge gap in the market place for good components, great bikes and wonderful trail finding, Andy set up Biketreks to fill this great big void.

Starting out with his van he used to travel around the country obtaining and delivering parts to those who needed help with their bikes or simply wanted to see what this cycling scene was all about.  His van soon progressed into a small shop where people could come and hire bikes from him, or get their machines fettled with.

In the early 90s he progressed into his first shop and Keith entered his life!!  The flamboyant and somewhat eccentric but loveable Keith had spent most of his working life in the boutiques of London and communicating his "big ideas" with the straight talking northerner Andy meant there was a clash of personalities, ideas and fore sight.  Yet something stuck, and it was the common ground of putting the customer first and going above and beyond the call of duty that maintains their working relationship 18 years on.

In early 2002 a small shop turned into a big shop when it moved to its current location in the old glass blowers on Rydal Road where Andy transformed the building into one of the fanciest purpose built bike shops of its time.  This shop also enabled us to build one of the biggest, best and well known workshops in this industry, and having taken the time to train each and every mechanic that has passed through it, Biketreks is responsible for turning out the best bikes there are.  With almost every tool there is in our Snap On tool boxes, and all our mechanics qualified to CyTech 2 or 3 as a minimum we are the envy of many.

In 2009 Biketreks entered a new phase of "development" or another clash of the Titans would be how Andy would probably see it when I, (Sarah) came to manage his beloved Biketreks.  Having my work well and truly cut out to develop a middle ground between Keith's blue sky thinking and Andy's bluntness and realism I think the 3 of us over the last 5 years have developed Biketreks into something special, real and aspiring to all.

Moving into 2016 Andy made the decision to sell the business to a gentleman called Simon who is bringing the business right up to date with the opening of a second shop in Ings and a division between road and mountain across the 2 shops.  This allows us to specialize in each area as we have always done but with a new bespoke shop, and you'll be impressed with what a bike shop can look like!

So with a few new brands coming on board, a few getting a refresh and a few you'll never see again, making a trip up to Biketreks whether it's to the original store in Ambleside for all things MTB, or the new road store in Ings you won't be disappointed!

We look forward to seeing you all.

Sa and Team Biketeks