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Try Before You Buy
18/02/2013 21:14:00

Here at Biketreks we understand how important it is to take any potential bike for a spin before you commit your hard earned to taking it home.  After we have assessed the correct size of bike for you we are more than happy to send you out for a spin on it. 

We have a handy car park to test any road or hybrid bikes round, and a few sets of stairs and drop offs locally to try a mountain bike round.  We will accompany you down to the car park on any test ride with Allen keys on hand, and we require your full details and a driving licence or credit card as security before any bike leaves the building. 

After a test ride we will ask you for some feedback and then after listening we will make any necessary adjustments to your setup or select an entirely different bike or size.  You can try as many bikes as you want to get it right.

We keep most of our bikes in stock all year round in a plethora of sizes, but it is always worth giving us a ring if you are travelling from afar to ensure we have them built and not boxed up.

If you are looking at buying a mountain bike and you want to take it for a longer ride off road, then we have our own Orange Mountain bikes on site that you can book a demo on, or we have access to Santa Cruz and Orange mountain bikes from them to use throughout the year.  We also host regular demo days with both brands and one Specialized demo a year.  Details of demo bikes can found here.

You can be assured that we will always get the right sized bike for you, and we will set it up correctly, and make sure you understand how it works before you test any bike, and then subsequently take it home.

We won’t fill your head with jargon if you are new to biking, and we are not ones to know the head angles, wheelbases and top tube measurements of every bike so don’t worry yourselves with this nonsense (roughly 80% of manufactures actually make this info up to look good on paper!!).  We fully endorse the good old fashioned term “get on it and ride it” that’s the only way you’ll know if it fits you or suits you!

So to book a test ride, demo ride, or even a personal brand shopper, give us a ring on 015394 31245, drop us an email at or just come in and see us, the kettle is always on!

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