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Santa Cruz Tallboy LT–Winner of What Mountain Bikes Benchmark Buster 2012 Award.
03/10/2012 15:56:00

We’ve been saying it for a quite a while now, but finally the Santa Cruz Tallboy LT has an award for proving to be amazing, and not just in Sarah’s opinion!


Yes those lovely and obviously knowledgeable folks at Bike Radar have awarded the Santa Cruz Tallboy LT an award for setting the benchmark or standard that all other bikes should aspire to!

Here’s what the judges had to say about the bike…

"With an all-new front end including chainguide tabs, armour strips and a screw-through rear axle, the Tallboy LTc is both stiffer and more hungry for chaos than the original.

Yet at 2.4kg (5.3lb) it’s barely heavier, and it’s far lighter than its competition; even with a dropper post and Fox’s chunky 34 forks it’s no heavier than most 26in trail bikes.

Despite the superlative statistics, the ride is remarkably normal at first. As usual, the big wheels quieten trail noise and reduce the rattle that provides much of the sense of speed. The balanced rather than radically slack geometry means a reasonably keen turn in and decent carve on tight corners.

The sweetly direct drive of the VPP2 suspension and low overall mass offsets the inevitably heavier wheels, while frame and fork stiffness keep it tracking very accurately.

At the Arizona launch we repeatedly terrified ourselves realising what we had just ridden flat out down and across while following far better riders. It was only later, when we registered just how fast this bike could blast along our benchmark test trails that its truly outstanding performance began to sink in.

We found ourselves cruising up technical climbs that normally leave us scrabbling for traction or gasping for breath; within a couple of runs we were carrying more speed than we normally do on 160mm bikes. It’s stunning.

Drifting loose turns without drama and clearing rocky descents we normally trickle down in a single leap became the default descending mode. Yes it’s expensive, but it’s pretty much pressed the reset button on all our expectations of what’s doable on a trail bike."

This is the fastest, most controlled and confident all-round trail bike we’ve ridden – if you can afford it: this is the fastest, most controlled and confident all-round trail bike we’ve ridden – if you can afford it

So there you have it folks, a bike which cannot be faulted and should be owned by all should you have the spare cash (should you not have the spare cash we can offer you 0% Finance!!).  We currently have the Solar Yellow Tallboy LT built up in store ready for you to come and try and then take home as you’ll be that impressed!  For those of you who aren’t into the “shout it loud” yellow, there is a subtle matte black option available.  And for those who want the ride quality of the LT carbon without the price tag then there is an alloy version.  All info can be found by following this link