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Biketreks Maintenance Classes
03/03/2014 17:25:00

Here at Biketreks we not only sell you bikes but we help you look after them too!  We realise that you are investing a lot of money in your pride and joy, and to keep it running all year round you need to look after it.

Prevention is always better than cure and with some helpful workshop advice you can maintain your bike easily at home without the need for a thousand pounds worth of tools, or any specialist equipment.

We host maintenance classes throughout the year which are set up on a Sunday morning with our mechanic Sam who will teach you at your own pace how to look after all the gubbins on your bike.  These classes are for up to 6 people and cover everything from fixing a puncture, to fixing a snapped chain, to servicing Hope Hub Bearings.

We host various master classes too for those of you who want to learn a little more such as how to service your FOX or Rock Shox forks and shocks, and for any of you who are lucky enough to own a Santa Cruz we have specialist classes on how to carry out seasonal bearing maintenance.

Our next classes will be posted here and you need to ring us in advance to book a place as they are limited to the size of our workshop!  If however you have a group of you and you would like us to tailor some training to your groups needs then we can sort that too!

Just give us a ring or drop us an email and we will get you spannered up and tinkering away with confidence.

Tel: 015394 31245 Email:


MTB Shimano Gear Service, 2hours – 30th March / 26th October

  • Replacing of Cables

  • Cable Routing

  • Gear indexing

MTB Sram Gear Service, 2hours – 23rd March / 19th October

  • Replacing of Cables

  • Cable Routing

  • Gear indexing

Road Bike Service, 2hours - 20th April / 28th September

  • Gear indexing

  • Brake Servicing

  • Cable routing

  • Bar taping

Beginners Guide to your Bike, 2hours - 27th April / 21st September

  • Washing

  • Drying

  • Greasing and Lubrication of the correct parts

  • Tyre removal and changing

  • Puncture Repair

  • Routine Checks

Reverb Service, 2hours – 18th May / 23rd November

  • Bleeding

  • Hose shortening

  • Hose Routing

  • Strip Down

RockShox Fork and Shock Service, 2hours – 25th May / 21st December

  • Seal Change

  • Fork Oil Change

Fox Suspension Seal Change, 2hours – 30th November

  • Seal Change

  • Fork Oil Change

All classes are £15 per person. They will start at 10am on their day. Please ask in store for availability and further details.