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Free Bike Sizing With Every New Bike!
18/02/2013 20:39:00

Getting the right size of bike is crucial to your comfort, performance and enjoyment when cycling, as is being set up properly on the bike. That’s why when you buy a new bike from Biketreks, we will ensure you get the correct size and set up to suit your body, riding style and end use. So whether you are buying your first bike and want to get out for a few miles at the weekend, or you ride regularly and are looking for a high end road bike for some big summer miles, we will get you fitted with these simple steps:

1/ First off we look at your height to narrow any given bike down to the two most likely sizes.

2/ The next step is to set the saddle height on each size bike (determined by your leg extension) and for us to look at your position on the bike. We look at your body for signs of being over/under stretched and other aspects of the fit that could compromise comfort and performance, and based on these observations and your own feelings, we will be able to decide on the best fitting size of bike for you.

3/ TEST RIDE! No bike fit is complete without you having a ride on the bike. Whatever the bike, you can take it out for a 10-15 minute spin in the town to get a feel for the handling and fit, but also so we can get feedback about what feels good, and what doesn’t.

4/ Using your feedback we can then adjust other parts of the bike like handlebar height and reach, saddle position, pedal position and much more. Then it is time for you to have another little ride to see if these adjustments have made an improvement to how the bike feels.

5/ That’s it! Once we are happy you are on the right size of bike with the right set up, and you are happy with how the bike feels and fits, you can ride off into the sunset and start enjoying your new bicycle. However, we are always here should you need aspects of the bike adjusted, so if you feel after a few weeks riding that something isn’t quite right, come to us and we’ll do our best to solve the problem. We want you to come back to the store and tell  us how you are getting on, so don’t be afraid, we are here to help!

Free bike fitting with every new bike. It is quite simple, and it works. We won’t bore you with technical details, and we won’t bewilder you with jargon; all you get from Biketreks is good, honest advice based on our years of experience and training. If you would like to talk to one of our team about a new bike or have some questions about your fit on the bike, give us a call (015394 31245), email (, or pop in store for a chat.