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Amendments to Delivery Terms 2013.
27/12/2013 12:58:00

As of 24th December 2013 It is no longer possible to send goods to any address other than the registered billing address.  This is due to a number of fraudulent transactions, and as such to protect not only ourselves, but also our customers we are adding in another level of security by ONLY shipping to a billing address.

Our system currently will ask if you would like an alternative address, but we will only contact you to advise that this is not a service we provide.  You can still collect in store or have the goods delivered to your cards registered billing address.

In addition if you use Paypal as a form or payment we will once again only ship to a confirmed address that matches the address on your web order.

Finance remains unchanged as the above has always been the case with this form of payment.

We hope this doesn't upset too many people, but we are ultimately only looking to safeguard our customers and help in the prevention of fraud.