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Save £££’s on your next bike with the Cycle To Work Scheme
27/05/2012 17:22:00

Cycle Scheme.

Here at Biketreks we are able to provide bikes and safety equipment to anyone looking to use the cycle to work scheme.

There are many different types of scheme available to employers and employees throughout the UK, but the most commonly used is the Cycle To Work Scheme governed by Cyclescheme.

What is the Cycle To Work Scheme?

Within the Government’s Green Transport Plan, there’s a tax exemption which allows employers to provide cycles and safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. Technically speaking, employees actually hire the bicycles from their employer, buying them at the end of the salary sacrifice period for a Fair Market Value payment.

How Does it Work?

The employer buys the bikes and safety accessories at full retail price. The balance is recovered from a reduction in the employee’s gross salary, and employers also benefit from National Insurance contribution savings. The net result? You save money on every bike you process through the scheme!

How Much Can I Save?

This entirely depends up on individuals circumstances, but the average person can save 32% on the cost of a bike. To work out your individual savings just link through to here to the Cyclescheme website to find out more.

How Will The Scheme Benefit Me?

As we all move towards looking after not only ourselves, but the planet a little bit more, lowering your carbon footprint and looking after your well-being has been the focus of many studies in the last few years. Many people have proven that those of us who are fit and healthy are much happier not only in ourselves but also in our workplace. Therefore the scheme is designed to get you out of your cars to lower your carbon footprint, and get you to burn those calories so we start to tackle our National Obesity problem and hence we all become happier and work better! Just pop into any Bicycle shop to see what cycling can do for you; none of us are obese or grumpy!!

So What Bikes Can I Have?

Anything! There is no limitation on what bike you can have whether it be road, hybrid or mountain. We have a wealth of experience in selling bikes under the scheme so we can tailor a bicycle package to suit your needs.

Can I Buy Equipment Too?

Yes. Any piece of equipment that is considered safety equipment is allowed under the scheme. This covers helmets, lights, reflective clothing, locks....

How Long Does The Process Take?

Don't worry if you're afraid of Admin! The whole process is quick and simple from start to finish. Most efficient employers will have you turned around in 2 weeks, with some larger companies taking around a month as they have many employees. There isn't reams of paperwork as it is all done online at every stage so the employer has to do very little!

Where Can I Find Out More?

You can either pop into store and see us, give us a ring, or look at Cyclescheme's own website which can be found here.

Case Studies.

As one of the areas largest suppliers of bikes under various cycle to work schemes, we have an in store specialist on hand to tackle any questions you have about the scheme. As such we have noticed a few trends over the years and are happy to provide you with advice in the right direction of commonly purchased bikes under the scheme.

Hybrid Bikes.

• Specialized Sirrus

• Specialized Crosstrail

• Specialized Vita

• Specialized Ariel

• Scott Sportster

• Scott Sub

Road Bikes.

• Specialized Secteur.

• Specialized Dolce

• Specialized Tricross

Mountain Bikes.

• Specialized Rockhopper

• Specialized Hardrock

• Specialized Myka