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2013 Specialized Allez Sport
11/12/2012 14:07:13

Something a little new at Biketreks, we’re now introducing our Bike of the Week. You guessed it, weekly
updates from the shop, handpicked from our knowledgeable cycling staff. Designed to highlight feature
bikes, perhaps appropriate to the time of year, an upcoming race, or maybe one that just stands out off
the shelf! It’s their time to be highlighted, and here is the place...



90E0-64_ALL_Sport Int C2_Sil Blk Red

At Biketreks, we find “affordable” products that have exceptional design-qualities to be even more
exciting than all of the “top-end” toys that we spend so much time obsessing over. It’s not easy for
manufacturers to make something exceptional with a limited budget. Behold, the 2013 Specialized Allez



Late August we received our “early release” of 2013 Specialized Allez Sports... It was almost a god send. In July Bradley Wiggins wins the Tour de France, then the Olympic Time Trial and every man and his  dog is reminded how awesome cycling is and we have a bike that not only looks amazing, but performs  extremely well and affordable.

The 2013 Specialized Allez Sport is a perfect bike for anyone new, or returning to the sport, and after a few weeks of having them in stock they were sold out. Every colour, every size. Gone. Now 4 months later, we have taken more stock of this complete package for the fresh faced road rider.


Directing the 2013 Specialized Allez is a carbon fibre fork that cuts through the air, and confidently places your wheel where you want it. The added benefits of a carbon fibre fork include improved dampening and therefore better comfort, lateral stiffness and consequently more efficiency, and finally weight reduction meaning you’re carrying less weight up hills.






 The 2013 Specialized Allez Sport comes complete with a 9 speed Shimano Sora groupset. The major highlight of the 2013 Shimano Sora groupset is the STI shifters that have till 2013 only previously been present on higher grade Shimano components. The trickle down technology of STI shifters allow you to change gears whilst riding in “the drops” of the handlebars, necessary whilst riding in this more aerodynamic, and popular position.




Regardless as to how “committed” you are to getting started with a road bike, it is nonetheless your duty as a consumer to purchase well-made products that won’t break or fail as soon as you start actually using them for the purpose they were marketed for.


The Allez Sport has shown us again and again through the years that an “entry level” bike can be
excellent for season after season of cycling, unlike many of it’s competitors.

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