How to Cheat at Mountain Biking

There’s a conversation we hear at least once a day at Biketreks. It pops up when there’s a group of guys in the shop, usually in the ‘twilight years’ of their mountain biking careers – all knackered knees, bad backs and perhaps one too many pies – and one of them notices our Turbo Levo E-Bike. “’Ere,.... More

Niner Bikes Finally Land With Us – Who and Why?!

I’ll let you into a little secret providing you don’t tell anyone – at present there are more Niner bikes in our household than Santa Cruz’s and that’s quite a statement coming from me!!  What is no secret is that me and John have flown the 29er flag for years and got onto the “band wagon” over.... More

The Importance of Good Layering

  There I was minding my own business in the shop this morning when Sa said to me “Layering”, “Eh”? said I. Thinking why has my manager brought up the subject of plastering. Yeah “layering, you know, layering of clothing, it’s the time of year when we should talk about layering to our customers”  (Why.... More

Order A Full Suspension Bike During October And Get A Free Wheel Upgrade

Throughout the month of October if you place an order for a new shiny bike with us we will give you the option of upgrading your wheels to a set of Hope Pro 4 Hubs on Tech Enduro Rims OR a set of Mavic Crossmax Elite wheels. Worth up to £490 the Mavic and Hope wheels.... More

I Am So Excited To Introduce You To…Alchemy Bikes!

A few months ago me and Mike were sat in cafe Ambio next door to our new Ings store discussing an order of SIDI, Chris King and ENVE parts.  Having decided on what we wanted I had one final flick through the catalogue of other treasures that the distributor brought in when I suddenly stopped and fell quiet. .... More

Ings The story…..

So, I’ve sat down to write this blog approximately 6 times.  I’ve tried at work, at home, early in the day, late at night.  No matter how many times I've tried I’ve not quite managed to get across how this project has come together in the way I want to.  So here I am sat on the train.... More

2017 Orange Bikes Have Arrived in the Ambleside Shop!

As I’m sure you are all aware we are now firmly in 2017, or at least the bike industry is anyway! With 2017 bikes coming in thick and fast it’s been quite hard to keep track of all the new new features, new ranges and, of course, new colour schemes; so when Orange’s 2017 range started making the.... More

2017 Specialized Roubaix Lands Under The Cover Of Darkness…

The Specialized Roubaix was originally launched in 2004 and at the time it changed the face of road bikes.  Built for endurance, sportives and comfort, it was the beginning in a long line of similar bikes designed for long days in supreme comfort but no compromise on speed. Specialized decided that the Roubaix required a much needed.... More

One Pro Cycling’s Factor Bikes Finally Arrive In Store

With the imminent launch of our new shop in Ings we have another brand to introduce to you.  Step forward Factor bikes.  Here is a brief history of our latest collection of bikes and a little bit about their range, technology and ethos. In the grand scheme of the bike industry, Factor are a new.... More

Tour of Britain Stage 2. Cumbria’s Day in the Sun (and mist).

Well for one day at least Cumbria was famous for something other than torrential rain and floods. The Tour of Britain bike race graced us with its presence once again with stage 2 starting in Carlisle and finishing in Kendal and what a stage it was with some fantastic bike racing, stunning countryside and an incident filled climb up Ambleside’s.... More

Open UP Orange built for the 3 Peaks CX Race

This is the second of our custom built Open’s that has left us destined for a trip round the 3 Peaks CX course in a couple of weeks.  Made ready for race day here (apart from the foam missing on the top tube obviously!) we have a SRAM Force CX1 groupset, a massive cassette for all those.... More

2017 Specialized Enduro Finally Released

With the launch of Crankworx this week Specialized have taken the opportunity to let you see the impending release of the 2017 Enduro a week early!  One of the most talked about bikes in our shop, especially amongst our team riders, the 2017 Enduro can look no different to the 2016 one to the untrained eye.  However.... More

Storck Buyers Guide

Is a Storck going to be your next bike? Storck has a habit of creating perfection. Not just perfection in the eyes of the manufacturer or Biketreks as the dealer, perfection in the eyes of the end user. The people. The list of awards that Storck’s range has achieved is astonishing. Of which, a vast majority have.... More

Storck Staff Ride Out

   Earlier this week Mike, John, Tom, David and Ben were allowed a day out putting our new Storck bicycles through their paces.  As well as some brain washing by Ian from Storck they got to try a variety of their bikes such as the Visioner, TIX, Scenero and Aerfast.   This demo.... More

What’s In Vogue For September?

Life is indeed circular.  One minute it is summer the next coming back round to winter all in the blink of an eye.  We have had this e-shot discussion many times before but for those new readers and followers amongst us here in the Biketreks Boutique things are done differently. We follow the ‘Collections Calendar’ in the.... More

2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy, SRAM Eagle and ENVE Superbike!

Every now and again I have to hand over my custom building reins to other staff as I’m busy shouting at joiners at present and someone else has to step in with the enviable task of building a customer’s dream bike.  Well this beauty is John’s creation along with new owner Chris and as a “first off the.... More

Limited Edition Specialized Torch Range Available In Store NOW!

I’ve had a busy week I don’t mind telling you, so when Joe said “James from Specialized is on the phone” as I was in the middle of putting 1000000 bikes on the website I thought “nooo I haven’t got time to chat” but I went ahead and took the call.  Half listening half trying to figure out.... More

The Eagle Has Finally Landed–Only 3 Months Late!

So for 6 of our customers reading this you’ll be finally glad to know that golden Eagle XX1 has landed and black is not far behind!  If like me you’ve simply starred at your shifter box for 2 months impatiently waiting for the rest of the groupset to arrive the wait is coming to an end!  .... More

GIRO….. the very word conjures up so much magic and emotion…

Yes in the world of cycling ‘Giro’ is one of those emotive, reflective words that means so much to so many.  When the brand GIRO was born in the bustling mid 80s in California, the epicentre of Santa Cruz to be more specific, surrounded by all aspects of the great American dream, the ocean, the pine forests, the.... More

We Make The Move To Wireless Shifting With SRAM eTap

This week we had 2 very Gucci things land.  A SRAM Red eTap groupset and a Specialized S Works Tarmac with said SRAM groupset on.  Having had eTap on order for months and months we were like kids at Christmas fighting to get it out of the box first!  The box for reference is incredible, magnetically sealed crisp.... More

Our First Open Custom Build–Gloss Brown with Ultegra

The first of our shop build Open UPs is already gracing the shop floor in Ambleside and will shortly have a couple brothers to sit alongside it too, but with a bike that offers unprecedented versatility both in terms of use but also in terms of the build it was difficult to know just where.... More

Hunt Wheels Arrive–Get Ready For The Chase

Last year when I bought my beloved gravel bike Niall I spent ages looking for some wheels that suited my needs.  They needed to look good, not making a noise (Hope hubs drive me insane!), have the ability to fit an XD driver, be tubeless ready, be proper disc i.e without the stupid braking surface left on the.... More

2017 Orange’s On Show–Ride Reports and Images

On a very rainy day back in June Sam and Joe had themselves an adventure to Bike Park Wales to try out the new 2017 Orange Mountain Bike range and learn about all that is new for the brand. Here’s a quick summary for those with busy lives and then we will go into more detail afterwards.... More

2017 Santa Cruz Colours, Build Kits and Range Changes

Why do Santa Cruz always have to launch their new bikes when I’m off or not in the office?!  Bad planning on their part I tell you!!  That aside here’s a quick summary of all that’s new with Santa Cruz for 2017… New Colours for Bronson, 5010, Highball, Stigmata and V10 .... More