GIRO….. the very word conjures up so much magic and emotion…

Yes in the world of cycling ‘Giro’ is one of those emotive, reflective words that means so much to so many.  When the brand GIRO was born in the bustling mid 80s in California, the epicentre of Santa Cruz to be more specific, surrounded by all aspects of the great American dream, the ocean, the pine forests, the.... More

We Make The Move To Wireless Shifting With SRAM eTap

This week we had 2 very Gucci things land.  A SRAM Red eTap groupset and a Specialized S Works Tarmac with said SRAM groupset on.  Having had eTap on order for months and months we were like kids at Christmas fighting to get it out of the box first!  The box for reference is incredible, magnetically sealed crisp.... More

Our First Open Custom Build–Gloss Brown with Ultegra

The first of our shop build Open UPs is already gracing the shop floor in Ambleside and will shortly have a couple brothers to sit alongside it too, but with a bike that offers unprecedented versatility both in terms of use but also in terms of the build it was difficult to know just where.... More

Hunt Wheels Arrive–Get Ready For The Chase

Last year when I bought my beloved gravel bike Niall I spent ages looking for some wheels that suited my needs.  They needed to look good, not making a noise (Hope hubs drive me insane!), have the ability to fit an XD driver, be tubeless ready, be proper disc i.e without the stupid braking surface left on the.... More

2017 Orange’s On Show–Ride Reports and Images

On a very rainy day back in June Sam and Joe had themselves an adventure to Bike Park Wales to try out the new 2017 Orange Mountain Bike range and learn about all that is new for the brand. Here’s a quick summary for those with busy lives and then we will go into more detail afterwards.... More

2017 Santa Cruz Colours, Build Kits and Range Changes

Why do Santa Cruz always have to launch their new bikes when I’m off or not in the office?!  Bad planning on their part I tell you!!  That aside here’s a quick summary of all that’s new with Santa Cruz for 2017… New Colours for Bronson, 5010, Highball, Stigmata and V10 .... More

Specialized Slash Prices

  What’s better than climbing aboard your brand new bike for its first ride… doing it all for 25% less! Specialized know how to do a good deal. Not only do you get a lot for your money when buying a Specialized. You now get a whole lot more. Specialized have slashed their pricing on 2016 bikes..... More

The Eagle Has Finally Landed–Only 3 Months Late!

So for 6 of our customers reading this you’ll be finally glad to know that golden Eagle XX1 has landed and black is not far behind!  If like me you’ve simply starred at your shifter box for 2 months impatiently waiting for the rest of the groupset to arrive the wait is coming to an end!  .... More

Five Ten are flying out!

Five Ten have long been at the forefront of the MTB shoe industry. The Five Ten Impact has been a staple shoe for hardcore mountain bikers since the 00’s. If you were seriouse about gravity mountain biking; this is the shoe you chose:   Now.... More

Open Cycles – U.P (Unbeaten Path) What’s that all about?

Meet my next bike Oscar… (he will match my Audi R8 in the same orange and matte black!) who is from our latest brand Open.  I fell in love with Open cycles all the way back in 2012 and more recently when they released the UP (unbeaten path) I knew it was a brand we had to.... More

Early Rider – Only the best for your lil’ Shredders!

Nothing is as important to a kid as their first bike – and to a lot of our customers for that matter! That’s why we are so excited to be teaming up with Early Rider to get the best possible bikes to the next generation of Lake District riders. Early Riders’ range covers everything from 12” balance bikes.... More

Storck Cycles roll into town

The year it all started Cast your minds back to 1995, now over 21 years ago! oh how times flies… A few notable events of the year in question; All UK domestic appliances had to be supplied with an appropriately fused plug (how old fashioned does 1995 sound now!). The Queen and and The Duke of Edinburgh.... More

Orange Alpine 160 Factory Build – Black with Orange Hope

Luke is certainly no stranger to all things Orange. He bought his first Orange from us back in 2011 – a stunning black Five Pro – and was instantly hooked. Another couple of Oranges down the line (another Five for the missus and a Crush because why not?!), and a new found love of Enduro racing, and.... More

Santa Cruz Demo Day – Take Two!

  On June 11th we had our second Santa Cruz demo day of the year, with the guys at Jungle Products providing us with another van full of shiny toys to play with! The weather might not have been perfect but it didn’t seem to put any off from having an awesome day’s riding (I was secretly.... More

Norwegian Wood….Norrona Arrives!

Norway, Norrona, Norway, Norrona…. the connection is plain to see. And considering this insight into NORRONA, our latest prestige brand to be welcomed into the Biketreks Boutique, the inevitable Google …type in Norway and see what one can click on.  All of us have an image of Norway, snow-capped mountains, fjords,  crystal clear lakes and blue skies to.... More

Beer, Bikes and Sunshine!

After months of route planning, beer tasting and reckying of trails; the first Langdale Beer and Bike Festival got underway this weekend. Everyone involved had an awesome time, thanks in part to the weather, and the great beer, great food and of course some top quality rides. The Biketreks team were proud to be a part of this fantastic event,.... More

There is a change coming… A One factor to change everything. …

As we speed headlong into this ‘make or break’ century where, quite frankly, Technology will change everything,  it would not be stretching the realms of possibility that in the next couple of decades, Technology will ‘save the world’ as we know it. The brink, the tipping point of all things to come. That next BIG Step forward in.... More

Orange Five RS – Cyan Blue with Red Hope

Pete was one of those “unfortunate” customers who came on an Orange demo day expecting not to like the bike and then sadly he did!  Having invested in a pair of new Hope blue wheels the week before to fit his Giant he hadn’t planned on this invest! So based around his blue Hope wheels he.... More

It’s the little things that make all the difference.

When Sam our Service Centre manager gets an order to build a very special custom build or something that is unique it’s usually from a recommendation by someone who’s already given us the opportunity.  We get this so regularly as Sam has an eye for the details that make all the difference.  Detail and more importantly the attention.... More

Out with the old and in with the new!

  With the opening of our new Ings store not far off now we have had a busy few months singing up new brands, refreshing some existing ones and promising never to bring you some again!  There’s a great mixture of road and mountain hardware, clothing and bikes on their way with some already here, so what do.... More

A Very Soggy Orange Demo Day!

  Yesterday we had our chums at Orange over for a rainy, windy, and bloomin’ good fun ride. They brought along some bikes for us to try, and we brought along some customers who wanted to try out the machines before putting their money down. As always with our Orange demo day, we went in expecting big, burly,.... More

On site Demo Bikes For You To Book And Try For 2016

Investing in a new bike can be a bit daunting for many people so each year we invest in a few demo bikes in the upper echelons of the bike world that you can take out on our trails and try before you buy.  We have these bikes onsite between August and May and you.... More

2016 Organised Demo Days Confirmed Dates!

  2016 Here at Biketreks is set to be an action packed one at that!  As usual we are planning a wide range of demo days across a number of our bike brands for 2016. These days are spread out across the year to ensure that we can reach each and every one of you who wants to.... More

Confirmed Routes for the Langdale Bike and Beer Festival!

Everything is falling into place nicely for the Langdale Beer and Bike festival on the 29th of May. We’ve decided on the road and mountain bike routes and you’ll be pleased to know the beer has been sorted with Bowness Bay Brewery providing some of their finest ales!  Start time is 10am if you’re after bacon butties,.... More